Augmented Reality Revolutionizes Emergency Response for Volvo Group

Volvo Group enhances safety and efficiency with augmented reality innovation

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Safety-Focused Innovation at Volvo Group

Volvo Group has a long-standing reputation for safety-focused innovation, dating back over 90 years with notable contributions like the creation of the modern seat belt in 1959. This commitment continues with the introduction of electric product lines across Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, and Mack Trucks, aiming to enhance roadside accident response and improve overall safety.

Current Limitations in Roadside Emergency Response

With the rise of electric vehicles, Volvo Group recognized the limitations in existing roadside emergency response methods. First responders often face hazards like high-voltage lines and charged batteries, making quick and accurate hazard identification crucial. Traditional 2D rescue cards fall short, leading to inefficiencies and potential human error, especially in the chaotic environment of an emergency scene.

Augmented Reality (AR) Solution: Emergency Response Guide (ERG)

To address these challenges, Volvo Group, in collaboration with PTC, developed the Emergency Response Guide (ERG). This AR-based app digitizes vehicle data and uses AR to overlay critical information on the physical truck, allowing first responders to quickly identify and disengage hazards. The ERG enhances the speed and accuracy of emergency response, supporting both first responders and service technicians.

Key Features of the ERG:

AR Visualization: Provides X-ray vision functionality to quickly identify vehicle components and hazards.

Real-Time Information: Allows responders to view accurate rescue information and schematics based on vehicle registration plate or VIN number.

Enhanced Safety: Guides users to the correct components to disable and avoid hazards effectively.

Digital Twins and Scaling the ERG

Volvo Group leverages digital twins—virtual copies of physical vehicles using CAD and PLM data—to support the ERG. This comprehensive digital representation ensures all necessary information is available for each vehicle, facilitating real-time updates and digital distribution. The use of digital twins enables Volvo Group to scale the ERG's benefits across all its electric vehicles, improving safety and efficiency.

Future of AR at Volvo Group

Building on their successful implementation of AR in manufacturing, training, and service use cases, Volvo Group continues to innovate. The ongoing digital transformation includes upgrading training and inspection materials, enhancing quality control, and improving vehicle uptime through AR-enhanced diagnostics. Volvo Group remains committed to harnessing AR technology to improve safety for both first responders and drivers, reinforcing their reputation for safety and innovation. Volvo Group's integration of AR technology with their electric product lines exemplifies their dedication to safety and innovation. The ERG is a pivotal tool in transforming emergency response, making it faster and more reliable, ultimately saving lives. As Volvo Group continues to explore and expand AR applications, the future holds even greater potential for safety advancements and operational efficiencies.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read