Fraport AG: Enhancing Visitor Engagement with Virtual Reality Tours

Fraport AG uses VR tours to enhance interactive airport visitor experiences


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Fraport AG, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a prominent global airport operator, managing Frankfurt Airport and holding interests in 30 other airports worldwide. Fraport operates comprehensive service areas at numerous airports, including the interactive Visitor Center at Frankfurt Airport. This center offers a multimedia-rich experience showcasing all facets of the airport. Utilizing technologies like 360° applications and augmented reality (AR), visitors gain unique behind-the-scenes insights into Germany's largest commercial airport. The immersive experience begins even before visitors arrive, accessible from home via web browsers on computers or smartphones.

Interested individuals can explore key attractions through an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) tour on Fraport AG's website. This virtual preview allows users to familiarize themselves with the premises and preview the visitor center's offerings. Interactive elements within the VR environment empower users to navigate sections of the exhibition based on personal interests, enhancing their anticipation and extending the visitor experience beyond the physical visit.

Beate Kaufhold, Head of Sales Visitors Services at Fraport AG, highlights how the VR tour enables website visitors to interactively preview the visitor center's immersive offerings, setting expectations and deepening engagement beforehand. The VR tour, developed in collaboration with VRdirect, leverages their platform to seamlessly integrate into Fraport's website, ensuring accessibility to all site users. Fraport values the platform's ease of use, intuitive interface, and real-time adaptability, key factors in selecting VRdirect for this project.

The cohesive customer experience facilitated by the virtual tour illustrates how innovative technologies enhance user engagement both remotely and on-site. Starting from home, users actively participate in an immersive experience that seamlessly transitions to the physical visit at the visitor center. VR proves particularly effective in achieving this, ensuring compatibility across various end-user devices through platforms like VRdirect. Through consistent focus on interactivity and immersion, Fraport AG demonstrates its commitment to delivering not only a smooth journey but also an enriching customer experience aligned with its corporate ethos.

Rrahul Sethi
June 26, 2024
5 min read