Gamified AR Experience Showcases HP Indigo’s Innovative Printing Solutions

AR experience showcased HP Indigo's printing tech, boosting engagement and education


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Key takeaways

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HP Indigo, a division of HP Inc.'s Graphic Solutions Business specializing in digital printing solutions, sought a strategy to showcase their new printing capabilities while boosting engagement with their products and brand.

To achieve this, HP Indigo developed three versions of a mock cereal box product called Tanuki Pops, each demonstrating a different technology: invisible ink, hidden codes, and random placement printing. Our team created a gamified augmented reality (AR) experience to complement these variations, allowing users to engage with the boxes through interactive challenges. This AR experience guided users through three distinct challenges, each linked to a specific technology showcased on the cereal boxes. To incentivize participation, we offered prizes to those who successfully completed the challenges and unlocked the treasure chests within the AR environment.

The project seamlessly integrated app development, gaming, and augmented reality, providing an engaging platform for users to explore HP Indigo’s innovative printing technologies. The project yielded impressive outcomes across several key metrics:

Increased Revenue

By showcasing their advanced printing solutions in an engaging manner, HP Indigo successfully introduced their customers to these new technologies, resulting in increased revenue.

Cost Savings

The innovative approach not only drove customer interest but also helped in reducing printing costs, showcasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of HP Indigo’s technologies.

Educated Partners

The gamified AR experience effectively communicated the benefits and applications of the new printing solutions to partners and customers, enhancing their understanding quickly and effectively.

Overall, this project demonstrated the powerful combination of app development, gaming, and augmented reality in driving engagement, educating partners, and achieving significant business outcomes for HP Indigo.

Rrahul Sethi
June 19, 2024
5 min read