Hershey's Decentraland Adventure: A Chocolate-filled Metaverse Experience

Hershey engages Asia with immersive metaverse experience, focusing on chocolate


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Hershey ventured into the metaverse through Decentraland, seeking to engage their audience in India and the Philippines during the holiday season. LandVault was enlisted to create a gamified experience filled with branded items, quests, and hidden perks.

LandVault provided a comprehensive solution, from conceptualization to design and building of the Hersheyverse experience. Spanning a 2x2 parcel in Decentraland, the project included various attractions such as the giant Hershey Kiss, virtual shops, a social quest, and other gaming elements.

The Hersheyverse aimed for a fully branded experience that remained true to Hershey's identity as a multinational chocolate manufacturer. The activation featured NPCs, shop items, and quests that stayed authentic to the Hershey brand.

Situated in Decentraland, the Hersheyverse focused on Hershey's key markets in Asia, specifically the Philippines and India. The experience was immersive, centered around the theme of chocolate, and offered users the opportunity to complete quests, learn about holiday traditions, explore virtual shops, and earn exclusive rewards.

The gaming elements were prominent in the Hersheyverse, with the giant Hershey Kiss serving as a central hub for exploration. Users could embark on a quest along the spiral path to the top of the Kiss, learning about holiday celebrations with Hershey products along the way. Upon completing the holiday quest, users could claim a special wearable reward and share their achievement on social media.

Overall, Hershey's entry into the metaverse with the Hersheyverse in Decentraland was a strategic move to engage their audience in an innovative way during the holiday season, offering a memorable and immersive experience that aligned with the brand's identity and values.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read