Mountain Dew Scan: Augmented Reality Marketing with X-Men Sponsorship

Mountain Dew's AR app links cans to X-Men movie promotion


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Mountain Dew's global sponsorship of the new X-Men movie included the development of an Augmented Reality (AR) app called MDew Scan, created by ARworks based on the creative concept by BBDO/Impact Proximity ME. This innovative app establishes a direct link between the product, the Mountain Dew can, and the movie, providing a unique marketing experience.

Upon launching the app, users are prompted to scan the Mountain Dew logo on the can. The app assists this process by displaying a semi-transparent drawing of the can on the screen. Once the app recognizes the can, it unlocks multimedia content related to the movie. Users can then access exclusive teaser videos, behind-the-scenes photos, and share their experiences with friends on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

The app's hidden content and its availability are promoted on the can itself and on other point-of-sale (POS) materials. This strategic approach maximizes download numbers and user engagement.

In Saudi Arabia, where cinemas are not present, the app's integration with the product resulted in increased motivation to purchase Mountain Dew. This demonstrates the app's effectiveness in leveraging AR to enhance brand engagement and drive product sales.

MDew Scan exemplifies how apps and augmented reality can be utilized to seamlessly connect a product with a sponsored topic or theme. This approach enhances consumer interaction and creates a memorable brand experience.

Overall, Mountain Dew's partnership with the X-Men movie and the development of MDew Scan showcases the power of AR in modern marketing strategies. The app's ability to blend physical products with digital content highlights the potential for innovative marketing campaigns in today's digital age.

Rrahul Sethi
June 21, 2024
5 min read