Virtual Reality Training for Placenta Accreta Spectrum Procedures

VR program enhances PAS treatment through immersive surgical simulations for physicians

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Myriad Global faced the challenge of developing effective solutions for combating and treating Placenta Accreta Spectrum (PAS) to improve outcomes for women and babies. Understanding client and patient needs was crucial, requiring solutions that were both impactful and immersive while minimizing time, cost, and medical resource expenditures.

Their objective was to utilize virtual reality (VR) programs to train physicians and enhance patient care for PAS. The goal included reducing medical resource usage, time, and costs by developing efficient solutions.

Myriad Global created an immersive VR training program specifically designed for PAS procedures. This program replicates a realistic surgical operating theatre environment within VR, complete with an operating table, medical equipment, patient simulations, and medical staff. Realistic shading and lighting techniques mimic actual surgical settings, providing surgeons with a lifelike training experience in a safe virtual environment. The VR headset is designed for comfort and convenience, allowing training sessions to be conducted in clinics, hospitals, or any location where surgical staff are present.

In summary, the solution leverages VR technology to simulate PAS procedures effectively. By providing a realistic training environment that mirrors real-world surgical scenarios, they aim to improve surgical outcomes and patient care while optimizing the use of medical resources and reducing associated costs and time constraints.

Rrahul Sethi
June 27, 2024
5 min read