Virtual Tour: GSK's Commitment to Product Reliability and Consistency

Virtual tour showcases GSK's product reliability and manufacturing transparency


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Key takeaways

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The initiative aimed to demonstrate GSK's commitment to reliability and the meticulous measures taken to ensure product consistency throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes. A virtual tour of their facility was conceived to showcase each stage of production, accompanied by key facts displayed on-screen, in collaboration with A New Beast.

The execution closely followed the initial concept. 360-degree videos were meticulously captured across the factory, providing a comprehensive view of how products are manufactured. Clean, informative text overlays were strategically placed within the videos, offering insights into each production stage.

The results were highly satisfactory for both GSK and A New Beast. The virtual tour provided a robust platform for GSK to communicate crucial information to their customers effectively. Compared to traditional in-person guided tours, the virtual approach proved superior in several aspects. It eliminated the need for time-consuming health and safety protocols for each visitor and mitigated risks of potential contamination. Moreover, it ensured that viewers could engage with the content at their convenience, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

By leveraging 360-degree video technology, GSK and A New Beast transformed how they conveyed their commitment to quality and reliability. The virtual tour not only streamlined communication but also provided a compelling and immersive experience that surpassed the limitations of traditional methods. This innovative approach not only met but exceeded expectations, showcasing GSK's dedication to transparency and customer engagement in a modern and impactful manner.

Rrahul Sethi
June 28, 2024
5 min read