VR Training for Nurses: Mastering HysteroLux System with Immersive Simulation

Immersive VR training for nurses on HysteroLux enhances procedural confidence

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Lucid Reality Labs collaborated with Medtronic to develop an immersive VR training simulator for nurses, focusing on the HysteroLux Fluid Management System used in hysteroscopy procedures. The simulator aims to simplify the learning process, enhance procedural confidence, and reduce setup errors among nurses.

Immersive Learning Experience:

The VR simulator provides a realistic environment where nurses can practice setting up the HysteroLux system. It offers flexibility to choose different learning scenarios, from guided setup procedures to independent practice and troubleshooting. Nurses can practice each step in any order, ensuring comprehensive understanding and mastery of the equipment.

Comprehensive Training Features:

Nurses can simulate various aspects of the HysteroLux system setup, including calibration, installation of tubes, and configuring liquid canisters. The simulator also replicates in-surgery scenarios where nurses learn to manage equipment functions like pressure adjustments and liquid management under surgical conditions. This versatility prepares nurses for diverse real-world situations they may encounter during procedures.

Enhanced Realism and Interaction:

The VR simulator utilizes advanced visual fidelity and precision with Meta Quest 2 technology. It incorporates hand tracking and object interaction systems to create a natural and immersive training experience. This realism helps nurses develop muscle memory and procedural skills effectively in a virtual setting before performing procedures in real clinical environments.

Engaging Learning Approach:

The simulator integrates gamification elements to engage nurses with different learning styles. It caters to visual, auditory, verbal, and physical learners, making the training enjoyable and impactful. By combining these elements, the VR simulator enhances retention and application of knowledge crucial for operating the HysteroLux system with confidence and proficiency.

Lucid Reality Labs' collaboration with Medtronic underscores a commitment to advancing medical training through innovative VR technology. By focusing on experiential learning and practical skill development, the VR simulator for nurses addresses complexities in equipment setup and ensures readiness for safe and efficient use of the HysteroLux system in clinical settings.

Rrahul Sethi
June 25, 2024
5 min read