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Hurry to apply for Intema Accelerator before 1 March 2023
Meet all requirements for the Accelerator, complete the program and get the chance to launch a paid pilot with quite possibly of the biggest partnership in Eastern Europe and to get up to $120000 Investment.

Accelerator for
metaverse technologies

The Accelerator will help you find the most effective and commercially viable application for metaworld solutions today, so the future comes tomorrow. We believe that metaverse technologies should be absolutely interoperable with each other, and we focus on supporting such solutions.

Access to financial and technological resources

  • Paid pilots with multiple corporations for the most promising teams
  • We help raise up to $10 million of investments by specialized corporate and venture funds
  • Access to computing power
  • Technical support and access to 5G and low latency networks, edge cloud computing infrastructure, backbone and content delivery networks

Expertise and networking

  • Direct access to major corporations — quick launch of joint testing projects
  • Support from Metaverse technology experts: Web3, AR, VR, MR, payments, security, fraud detection
  • Guidance of world-class mentors on your product, strategy, marketing, sales, and development in various markets
  • Introduction to corporate venture funds and big companies focused on DeepTech

Free participation from any where in the world

  • The acceleration program is provided online
  • We are not lecturing you; instead, we help you tackle vital business tasks
  • We do not ask for a share in your startup in exchange for the acceleration
  • Minimum requirements: working technology and fluent English

What projects
are we looking for

The acceleration program is designed for developers of metaverse solutions geared to improve user experience, immersive technologies, metaworld design, gamification tools, analytics, audience monetization, and security.

Technologies for creation and modeling of metaworlds

  • Creation, customization and personalization of avatars and NPCs
  • Spaces creation and customizations tools
  • UGC and AIGC in metaworlds
  • Digitization and detection of objects for placement in the meta-environment
  • Immersive, photorealistic virtual environments and characters for metaverse
  • Generative music and video
  • Streaming of music and video, planning of concerts and parties

Analytics and monetization of metaverse audience

  • User interaction tools
  • Adoption mechanics
  • Analytics of advertising efficiency
  • Collection and analysis of audience data
  • Tracking of metaverse metrics
  • Analysis of user behavior models

Tools for team work and learning in the metaverse

  • Live streaming in 3D
  • Collaboration tools for workshops
    and meetings
  • Creation of virtual runtime environment and digital twins
  • Data analytics visualization in AR, VR, MR
  • Digitization of objects for the metaverse
  • Planning of conferences and meetups
    in metaverses

Travel in metaverses

  • Tools for creating 3D tours
  • AI-enabled smart travel planners
  • Selection and booking of tours
    in metaworlds
  • Promotion and sale of tours
    in virtual worlds
  • 3D extreme tours
  • Development of virtual guides

What kind of teams
Intema invite to the Accelerator

Your main goal is commercializing a technology or an innovative business model on the market
Your product is at least in the stage of testing a working technology or higher, or you’ve already got MVP
The team has at least2 strong founders
Working language of the Accelerator is English
Crypto exchanges and mining are not suitable for us

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