Automobile Experience in Metaverse

Source: Event Horizon

Event Horizon Virtual Experiences - Spatial IO Intergration Add On

A new package we are adding to the custom VR Metaverse Experience and that is integration with Spatial.IO.Spatial can be accessed via PC, Smart Tablet(IPad, Android), Smartphone(IPhone, Android) and Virtual Reality Headset(Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, HTC Vive Pro, Focus, Pico Neo 3.)
Source: SDAS Research Group

Smart Factory Production Plants Application using virtual reality: Towards a Metaverse

Smart Factory Production Plants Application using virtual reality and online Multi-User: Towards a Metaverse for Unreal Engine Experiment Frameworks
Source: Hyundai

One of the most successful cases of consumer engagement in the metaverse by Hyundai

By familiarizing the consumers with Hyundai Motor’s products and future mobility solutions, before the launch of Venue N Line in Hyundai Mobility Adventure nurtured long-lasting relationships.