India's 1st
Metaverse Experience Center

This center will serve as the hub for showcasing cutting-edge Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Digital Twin, and Metaverse solutions, creating a unique space for industry leaders, executives, students, and technology enthusiasts to explore, experience and to showcase the limitless potential of Immersive Technologies.

what is an Experience Centre?

Metaverse Experience Center provides Multiple Immersive Technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Assisted Reality, Mixed Reality, Digital Twin & Metaverse Solutions all under one Roof.
Virtual Reality Hub

Virtual Reality (VR)

Experience verity of Industry specific Use Case at our Virtual Reality Station.

Trainings, Walkthroughs, Hyper Realistic Experiences, Education Modules and Much More..
Virtual Reality Hub

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality solutions for Product Visualization, Marketing, Architecture & Home Design, Education & Much More.

Standout with AR Solutions
Virtual Reality Hub

Assisted Reality

Try Assisted Reality solutions like Remote Assistance or Maintenance on Actual Machines Like Car or Bike.

We have the best Assisted Reality solutions & Hardware's at MEC
Virtual Reality Hub

Digital Twin

Explore Industry Specific Digital Twin Solutions.  Enterprise Metaverse In the Form of Digital Twin.

Digital Twin Simulations, Data Collection & Analysis.
Virtual Reality Hub


Experience Business or Consumer Centric Metaverse Experiences with Breathtaking visuals.

Metaverse Experiences with Artificial Intelligence Integration
Virtual Reality Hub


Game Based Simulations & Digital Solutions that can engage your Employees in an Engaging Manner.

Gamified Employee Onboarding, Training Programms & More.

Hardwares at MEC

To facilitate an Optimal Immersive experience for Invited Guests, Associations & Delegations, Collages, client & Partners we have superior quality Hardware & Devices. We make sure that your experience run smoothly and can be experience by most of the invited guest simultaneously. Below are the list of Digital Hardware's you will find at our experience Center.
Virtual Reality Hub


Experience Hyper Realistic Metaverse Experiences through 5K HTC VIVE it will provide you with a bigger then life experience
Virtual Reality Hub

Oculus Quests 2 & 3

Experience the Metaverse through the Latest Oculus Headsets, Allowing you to immersive yourself in this exciting Digital Realm
Virtual Reality Hub

Realwear Devices

RealWear hands-free head-mounted wearable devices designed to create a safe and more productive environment for frontline workers.
Virtual Reality Hub


Vuzix Smart Glasses Connect Frontline workers with Critical AR System, Enabling Hands free Access to Data & Remote Support.
Virtual Reality Hub

Apple Vision Pro

Apple vision Pro is a Mixed Reality Headset. With its OLED Display you experience the full Immersion & Never before Experience.
Virtual Reality Hub

Pico VR Headset

Discover PICO, a virtual reality Headset offering immersive interactive VR experiences .
Virtual Reality Hub

Microsoft Holo Lens

Hololens enables users to visualize, prepare and present data in an engaging ways. Users can interact with their data by animating it in front of them.
Virtual Reality Hub

Phygital Training Solution

A portable Phygital Robotic Human Head that can record & Understand the Head's Moments & Rotations.
Multiple sensors Generating data & Projection on Tablet.
Virtual Reality Hub

High End Simulators

We are soon Introducing High End Simulators for you to experience at our Metaverse Experience Center. They will give you an unimaginable experience with haptic Feedbacks

When you visit MEC

Upon visiting the Metaverse Experience Center (MEC), top executives, CIOs, and industry leaders engage in immersive technology demonstrations, gaining firsthand experience with cutting-edge VR/AR solutions.
Virtual Reality Hub

Immersive Tech Demonstration

Experience hands-on demonstrations of the latest VR/AR solutions, showcasing innovative applications tailored to your industry's specific needs.
Virtual Reality Hub

Industry-Specific Use Cases Exploration

Explore immersive experiences designed to address challenges and unlock opportunities unique to your sector, gaining valuable insights into how these technologies can drive business transformation.
Virtual Reality Hub

Interactive Workshops and Discussions

Engage in interactive Masterclass by Rrahul Sethi, Founder of Metaverse911 and a Metaverse Expert. Diving deep into the potential of immersive tech and uncovering strategies for leveraging it effectively within your organization.
Virtual Reality Hub

Networking and Collaboration

Connect with peers, partners, and thought leaders in the immersive technology space, fostering meaningful relationships and discovering opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange

Ramkatha Hyper Realistic Metaverse Experience

An extraordinary Metaverse Experience walkthrough that will talke you in the time or Rama.

Phygital Training Solutions

A Robitic Human Head connected wirelessly to tablet Device. System can record Understand Head Movements & Rotation.

Immersive Tech Solutions

Augmented Reality Based Healthcare, Pharma & Exhibition solutions made in an interactive manner.

Sandbox Metaverse Experience

McNuggets Land is an official world in The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based Metaverse

DBS Metaverse Experience

DBS BetterWorld, an interactive metaverse experience showcasing the importance of building a better, more sustainable world

Hungama On Metaverse

Hungama World is one of its kind fun Metaverse Experience. Where you roam around with your friends & Complete quests.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Immersive Tech Companies

Showcase your Cutting Edge Immersive Tech solutions & Hardware's to your Potential Clients, Targeted Local & International Delegations.

The center offers a platform for product demonstrations, networking, and business development.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Associations & Delegations

Invited Associations & Delegations Explore Cutting Edge Technologies Like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Metaverse, Digital Twin & More at our Experience Cente.

MEC serves as a platform for networking, collaboration, and staying ahead of the latest industry advancements.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Collages & Universities

Students and educational institutions gain access to a unique learning environment at MEC. The center serves as an educational hub where students can explore practical applications of immersive technologies, understand industry use cases, and connect with potential mentors and industry professionals.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Enterprise & Brands

Metaverse Experience Center become a Powerful tool for Marketing, it allows our Partner Brands to differentiate from Competition, Enhance Brand Visibility & Position themselves as a Forward Thinking Brand.

Showcase your Commitment to Innovation at our Center
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Hardware Companies

Show case your Immersive Hardware Capabilities at MEC. Opportunity to showcase and gain visibility among a diverse Audience that Includes Industry Leaders, CIOs, Marketing Folks, Technology Enthusiasts & Professionals from various Industries.  This Synergy creates Opportunity for Partnership & Collaborations.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Content Creators

Content Creators have the opportunity to have there Hands on some of the latest immersive Tech Hardware's & Solutions.
Test & Experiment with the latest Technology and understand how they can elevate your content Creation process.

Hub to Explore Immersive Tech
Use cases for your Business

At Metaverse Experience Center (MEC), we are pioneers in revolutionizing immersive technology landscapes across India. MEC stands as the premier hub for immersive experiences, spearheading innovation and collaboration in the XR (Extended Reality) domain.
With a robust network of over 10+ esteemed partners and strategic alliances globally, including leading companies from various industries, we deliver cutting-edge XR solutions tailored to diverse sectors. From immersive training programs to industry 4.0 solutions, our offerings encompass AR, VR, MR, AI, robotics, Metaverse, Digital Twin  and more, empowering businesses across Manufacturing, Healthcare, Entertainment, and beyond.
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Fireside Chat

In a conversation with Vijay Sethi, esteemed mentor and Chairman- MentorKart, his insights have been pivotal in shaping innovation. His endorsement of the Metaverse Experience Center (MEC) underscores its significance within the XR ecosystem. MEC's vision is to catalyze a shift towards immersive tech, fostering substantive discussions and addressing adoption challenges. By providing firsthand experiences, MEC empowers leaders to discern the ROI of XR technologies, driving meaningful adoption.

Fireside Chat: Exploring Bharatbox

Rrahul Sethi, Founder of Metaverse Experience Center is in conversation with Karan Keswani, CEO at BharatBox, discussion on the BharatBox Platform, there client & Customer Ecosystem and How Experience Center is a game changer initiative for Immersive Tech Leaders like BharatBox.

Product Reviews at MEC

Metaverse Experience Center is a hub for Product Demos, Product Showcase and Use Case Identification. Abhay Gupta -Business Strategist, Ingram Micro IoT, who attended our inauguration ceremony at the Metaverse Experience Center (MEC). His insightful review on Realwear highlights how Realwear Devices are game changer for Remote Assistance.


Explore our Vibrant Community at Metaverse Exprience Center. People from Reputed Organizations have visited & Experienced Groundbreaking Immersive Technologies.

We’re Strong Business Alliance

With 5+ innovation partners and visited by esteemed industry leaders, CIOs, and top executives. Our network boasts with diverse expertise spanning VR/AR development, 360 video production, game design, and more. Explore a dynamic ecosystem where tech enthusiasts and industry pioneers converge to shape the future of immersive technology.

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