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Spatial Web3 Community Highlights 2

Spatial Web3 Community Highlights 2
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Exclusible x | Exclusible Private Islands

Exclusible Private Islands x creates customized diversified Metaverse real estate developments projects across the biggest metaverse.
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Spatial Park: A Community Hub in the Spatial Metaverse

Spatial Park is a public space for any and all users to gather. There is also a rotating gallery highlighting artists in our community. Come hang out or jump through one of the featured portals to see what else is going on in the metaverse.
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The Metaverse Park | Niantic Lightship Global Jam | AR & VR experience

Merging reality with a virtual world has long been a sci-fi vision, but Niantic Lightship allowed us to start working towards it. For their week long Lightship Global Jam we created an augmented reality experience for the Zrinjevac Park in Zagreb, with its digital inversion created for desktop and virtual reality.
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Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 2022 | #DCLMVMF22 Stages & Experiences

Decentraland's Metaverse Music Festival set in an otherworldly cyberpunk landscape being reclaimed by nature, the Festival will feature 15 uniquely designed stages that will see performances from 180+ musical artists
Source: Moments in History

The First Metaverse Museum Of History - Bringing The Past To The Future

The Moments In History Museum Will Display The Largest Collection Of Iconic History Moments (over 1000 iconic pieces) Each Iconic Piece Minted As An NFT In The Ethereum Blockchain Each NFT Gamified With Interactive Categories Build For Educational Story Telling and Made-up Conspiracies Around Certain Events A Place Where You Can Meet Other History Buffs & Discuss Topics Of Interest

Step by Step setup your entire Virtual Event and Exhibition

Create fully customizable virtual experiences for just about any event or exhibition, to suit your brand and budget.
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PwC Virtual Spaces - Business Metaverse Solutions

“PwC Virtual Spaces” is the world's first comprehensive Business Metaverse Solution that enables collaborative work for PwC Germany internally as well as it’s clients.