Revolutionizing marketing with Gamified Metaverse

Metaverse911 Course key points
Enhanced consumer engagement and retention
Metaverse911 Course key points
Accelerated Integration
Metaverse911 Course key points
Social Connectivity
Metaverse911 Course key points
Personalized Experiences

Yes! Brands are already in The Metaverse, and here are some!

And many more!

And? Being an early adopter has its perks ;)

Recently launched The Gucci Vault Discord, which is expected to drive and foster open conversations about the metaverse’s future.
Ventured into the metaverse by partnering with the Animal Crossing New Horizons, a 2020 social simulation game published by Nintendo
One of the few brands set to revolutionize the metaverse by reinventing its marketing strategies.
First fashion house to partner with Fortnite, a famous online game attracting more players due to its VR concerts
Collaborated with UNXD, a Conde Nast affiliate that has shown great interest in the NFT and Web 3 space.
collaborated with Mythical Games for its first non-fungible token christened Blankos Block Party.
User-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox
Chipotle  launch's the first-ever menu item on Metaverse inspired by Roblox
Hyundai Pavilion on Metaverse will introduce the much awaited all-electric SUV Hyundai Ioniq 5 for users to experience its various features.

Why engage your customers with gamified experiences in The Metaverse?

Seize your consumers' attention with Metaverse Gamified Experiences

Customization and configuration based pay and play
Advanced analytics and date around customer trends
Gamified experience to boost activations
Better conversion using3D digital assets & avatars
Better and detailed product catalog
Global Reach, Accessible from anywhere, at any time

How are brands leveraging gamified experiences in The Metaverse?

Create Gamified Metaverse Experience using Convrse

With Convrse, we want to democratize 3D Space creation for the next generation of creators by simplifying this highly technical process. simplifies metaverse deployment with its intuitive interfaces and no-code solutions. They reduce deployment time and cost significantly, enabling organisations to create captivating Metaverse Experiences effortlessly.

What TikTok did for video creation and distribution, we are doing for Metaverse Spaces.

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