AR in Retail and E-commerce

AR in retail and e-commerce enhances customer satisfaction, increasing retention and acquisition by providing an immersive experience and boosting confidence.

Retail and E-commerce

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Shopping in AR

Source: Nike

NIKELAND on Roblox - Where Sport Has No Rules

A new virtual experience where sport has no rules. Parkour dodgeball with friends? Let’s go. Trampoline tag and a freshly styled avatar? Why not. Your real-life movement unlocks superpowers for even more ways to play.
Source: Walmart

Introducing Walmart Land on Roblox

It’s a massive island playground where you can follow your passions & create your own kind of excitement. In Walmart Land, you can wander to places like Electric Island and the House of Style, play Netflix Trivia, unlock exclusive verch, explore cosmetic obbys, & so much more. Jump in & have some fun!