Pharma XR Day

L&D XR Day

10 April, 2024
Pharmaceutical industry leaders at India's 1st Metaverse Experience Center for discovery sessions into how AR, VR, Metaverse, XR and Digital Twin Technology can solve existing challenges at their organization....

Success of Pharma XR Day

25 Pharma Leaders delved into the future of healthcare. Discover innovative solutions tailored for the industry, from interactive demos showcasing virtual drug trials to augmented reality applications for marketing and training. Gain valuable insights into leveraging XR technologies to drive efficiency, enhance patient engagement, and revolutionize the pharmaceutical landscape.


Pharma Leaders




Solution Explored


Revenue Potential


Explore captivating moments captured during Pharma Day at Metaverse Experience Center. Witness industry leaders engaging with cutting-edge immersive technology and discover the transformative potential of XR in the pharmaceutical secto

Immersive Tech Day

Get Hands on Experience & Industry Specific Use Case Demonstrations at Metaverse Experience Center.
Ask Questions specific to your Industry and clarify your doubts as to how Immersive Tech is a game changer!

Solutions Explored at MEC

Pharma & Medical Professionals Explored Industry Specific Use Cases. Look at various options & Design your solution that fits your Use Cases. Get hands on Experience of various Eye Wear Technologies to narrow down on the best fitment.
Virtual Reality Hub

Healthcare Professional (HCP) Communication Betterment

Immersive technology solutions equips your Medical Representatives with powerful tools like VR, AR to articulate the science behind medicines and nutrition formulas. Eventually to sell your Medicines Better & Faster.
Virtual Reality Hub

Showcase your Medicine and Equipment Effectiveness

Implement immersive solutions to demonstrate the effectiveness of Medicines and Equipment. 3D Visualization & Medicine Demonstration on VR/AR is a game changer.
Virtual Reality Hub

Immersive Tech for Sales Acceleration

Get Your Medicines approved Faster. Discover Immersive solutions that can significantly improve your Medicine market Acceptance & presence Eventually Improving the  sales.
Virtual Reality Hub

Visualization of Medicine Effects

Experience groundbreaking solutions like Medicine Animation, VR Medicine Walkthroughs, and AR Visualization, offering a unique insight into how medicines affect the patient's body.

Metaverse Masterclass by Rrahul Sethi

Medical Professionals Dive deep into the world of immersive technology with Rrahul Sethi's. 30 Min Metaverse Masterclass to give you a strogng understanding of the applications of AR, VR, Metaverse, Digital Twin, and their impact on the pharmaceutical industry. Gain insights into the latest immersive technologies and discover how they can revolutionize pharmaceutical operations.

Medical & Pharma solution exploration

Medical & Pharma Professionals got an interactive workshop led by our Custom Technology Team, exploring the impact of immersive tech on the pharma sector. Discover how immersive technology can enhance healthcare professional communication, showcase medicine and equipment effectiveness, accelerate sales, and visualize medicine effects

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Welcoming pharma leaders Morepen Laboratories Limited India, Mankind Pharma, Pfizer, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and more… The powerhouse of immersive tech showcases begins!!!

Immersive Hardwares at MEC

At the Metaverse Experience Center (MEC), we offer state-of-the-art hardware that enhances the immersive experience for our guests. Our lineup includes top-of-the-line Oculus, HTC Vive, Vuzix, Microsoft HoloLens, Pico and Realwear devices, providing unparalleled visual fidelity and immersive capabilities. With high-quality LED screens, projectors, and cameras, we ensure that every detail of the immersive experience is captured and showcased with precision.
Virtual Reality Hub


Virtual Reality Hub

Oculus Quests 2 & 3

Virtual Reality Hub

Realwear Devices

Virtual Reality Hub


Virtual Reality Hub

Apple Vision Pro

Virtual Reality Hub

Pico VR Headset

Virtual Reality Hub

Microsoft Holo Lens

Virtual Reality Hub

Phygital Training

Guests Attending Pharma XR Day

Rajesh Chopra

Head - Hospitality Business Unit, Ingram Micro

Sabahuddin Siddiqui

Medical Director, Promhex

Puneet Chopra

Head of Data , Digital and Technology, Takeda

Sandeep Atri

Assistant General Manager, Morepen

Arun Goel

Chief Information Officer,
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Dr. Amit Raj

Managing Director, Plexus MedCare

Chitra Gupta

Lead Patient Advocacy, Pfizer

Ehsan Khalid

Founder & CEO, Auto-Chef Robotics Inc

Natasha Raj

Head, Corporate Comm.. Mankind Pharma

Piyush Saini

Head of Marketing, Mankind Pharma

Manoj Sharma

Deputy Manager Marketing, sir ganga ram hospital

Rimmi Kakkar

IT Director and Area Digital Health Lead, Eli Lilly

Pradeep keshari

Manager TPA & Marketing, sir ganga ram hospital

Jasmeet Suneja

Regional Sales Manager, Amneal

Abhay Gupta

Head of XR, Ingram Micro


VP- Marketing, Bhargava Phytolab

Neha Vashishtha

Executive Assistant, Bhargava Phytolab

Dr.Rahul Singh

Doctor & Senior Faculty, Sharda University

Divyanu Gupta

Director at Sarvodaya Hospital

Dr. Harshit Vishnoi

Medical Content Strategist at Mankind pharma

Nitika Saini

Corporate Communications Manager at Morepen

Dr Gurvinder Kaur

Sr. Product Manager, Mankind Pharma

Guests from Global Companies

Guests from different verticals & Industries visited Our Experience Center. They Experienced Industry Specific solutions & Identified Use Cased with our Partners

Reviews from Guests

Explore our Vibrant Community at Metaverse Exprience Center. People from Reputed Organizations have visited & Experienced Groundbreaking Immersive Technologies.

Upcoming Pharma Event

Be a part of our Upcomming Pharma Event and explore the latest Pharma & Medical Use Cased Demonstrated by Industry Experts.
Metaverse Experience Center

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