We Invite your Company Leadership and Management Teams to visit Metaverse Experience Center

Welcome to our Metaverse Experience Center

MEC invites your Company Leadership & Management Team for exploring cutting-edge technology solutions like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Twin, and Metaverse
B35, Sector 132, UrbTech Trade Centre, Noida
Expand to: Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad

Why Experience Centre?

and much More..

Engage your teams with Experience Center

Metaverse Experience Center (MEC), is an initiative to elevate India's Technology landscape.
Company Leadership & Management Team play a big role in driving innovation and collaboration within industries.
Your Company Leadership & Management Team will see the Most Advance Technologies, Hands on Experience them and Share there Insights
Your Leadership team to witness LIVE USE-CASE demonstrations, foster cross-industry collaboration, and integration of Latest technologies within their sectors.
Advance Tech Exploration
Member Upskilling & Training

Enabling your Company Leadership & Management Team  with Advanced Technology

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality have a very big use case to drive Innovation. Use this Technology at show floors/Exhibitions for Interactive & Engaging marketing
-Enhanced Presentation
-Better Product Demonstration
-Brand Activation Campaigns
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Use case for Industries far exceeds any other technology. As this can be used for training, upskilling & more.
-Training & Upskilling
-Product Planning & Development
-Improved Worker Safety
Assisted Reality
Make your Company Members more Productive, save cost on training and auditing. This technology is a must have for improved efficiency.
-Training & Auditing
-Improved workflow
-Remote Assistance
Metaverse Events
Metaverse Event is a great way to engage your clients & Employees and to retain them. This is revolutionary way to launch new products, Host Annual Meetings, or even do corporate gatherings.
-Annual Meetings
-New Product Launch

How can you benefit from MEC visit

Your company need innovation, awareness & collaboration to stay ahead in the Competitive Landscape

Your Leadership Team may not be fully aware about the latest advancements happening in there respective industry. So, We have brought the most innovative solutions under one roof.

When you join us we for them to witness firsthand the transformative potential of AR, VR, MR, Digital Twin, Metaverse & More Immersive Technologies.
Industry-Specific Solutions
You experience the solutions specific to your Industry. Those Experiences and solution can be easily implemented in your esteemed Organization
You take hands-on-experience on latest & most trendy technologies. They can then implement them on there respective industries.
30 Min Masterclass
You will receive a 30 Min Masterclass from renowned Industry experts. Advice on how you can stand out, become more productive, Train Effectively & Save cost.
We give initial 10 Companies a Golden Membership to Metaverse Experience Center. Applicable on all experience center around world.
Support from Leaders
MEC is a HUB of the best Technology solution Provider. When you visit us you get an opportunity to be a part of our community who is there to support you at all time.
Solving Problems with you
You have an opportunity to present your key problems at our experience center and our expert team of partners will bring an innovative solution.

History of working with top Leaders

We have been in partnerships/ Discussions with top industry leaders. Discovering solutions, Masterclass opportunities around Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other Immersive Technologies.
Disclaimer: The Clients mentioned above also includes clients from Metaverse911
Metaverse Experience Center

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