About MEC

Metaverse Experience Center (MEC), is an initiative to elevate India's Technology landscape. As a pioneering hub for immersive experiences, we bring together cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Digital Twin solutions under one roof.
Our Vision
Our vision is to create a Space where immersive Technology foster, bringing groundbreaking applications and solutions across industries under one roof. We are committed to shaping the future of digital experiences and empowering businesses with the limitless possibilities of the Immersive Technology.

Why Metaverse Experience Center

Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Immersive Tech Companies

Showcase your Cutting Edge Immersive Tech solutions & Hardware's to your Potential Clients, Targeted Local & International Delegations.

The center offers a platform for product demonstrations, networking, and business development.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Associations & Delegations

Invited Associations & Delegations Explore Cutting Edge Technologies Like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Metaverse, Digital Twin & More at our Experience Cente.

MEC serves as a platform for networking, collaboration, and staying ahead of the latest industry advancements.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Collages & Universities

Students and educational institutions gain access to a unique learning environment at MEC. The center serves as an educational hub where students can explore practical applications of immersive technologies, understand industry use cases, and connect with potential mentors and industry professionals.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Enterprise & Brands

Metaverse Experience Center become a Powerful tool for Marketing, it allows our Partner Brands to differentiate from Competition, Enhance Brand Visibility & Position themselves as a Forward Thinking Brand.

Showcase your Commitment to Innovation at our Center
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Hardware Companies

Show case your Immersive Hardware Capabilities at MEC. Opportunity to showcase and gain visibility among a diverse Audience that Includes Industry Leaders, CIOs, Marketing Folks, Technology Enthusiasts & Professionals from various Industries.  This Synergy creates Opportunity for Partnership & Collaborations.
Virtual Reality Hub

MEC for Content Creators

Content Creators have the opportunity to have there Hands on some of the latest immersive Tech Hardware's & Solutions.
Test & Experiment with the latest Technology and understand how they can elevate your content Creation process.

Visited by

Top Leaders from Global companies have visited Metaverse Experience Center. Experiencing the latest Immersive Tech & Solutions


Rrahul Sethi

Founder & Chairman

Rrahul Sethi Linkedin

Priyen Sangoi


Rrahul Sethi Linkedin



Rrahul Sethi Linkedin

Rohit Verma

Principal Advisor

Rrahul Sethi Linkedin

Satyajit Pathak

Head of Market Research & Outreach

Rrahul Sethi Linkedin

Vandana Bansal

Head of Digital Business

Rrahul Sethi Linkedin

Pankaj Kumar

Head of Design & Strategy

Rrahul Sethi Linkedin

Mariya Khan

Head of Partnerships and Communication

Rrahul Sethi Linkedin

Utkarsh Raj

Communication Lead, Founders Office

Rrahul Sethi Linkedin

Office Location

B35, UrbTech Trade Centre,
Sector 132,  Noida 201301

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