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Get the Opportunity to showcase use cases of immersive solutions to Potential Customers, targeted Local and International Delegations
B35, Sector 132, UrbTech Trade Centre, Noida
Expand to: Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad
Metaverse Experience Center

Why Experience Centre?

An XR Collaboration hub for showcasing Immersive Technology, AR/VR/MR, Digital Twin & Metaverse Solutions

Metaverse911 is excited to present a groundbreaking opportunity to revolutionize the immersive technology landscape in India by establishing the first-of-its-kind Experience Center in Noida.

This center will serve as the hub for showcasing cutting-edge Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Digital Twin, and Metaverse solutions, creating a unique space for industry leaders, executives, students, and technology enthusiasts to explore, experience and to showcase the limitless potential of Immersive Technologies.

Connect with us if you are from any of these below domains:

Digital Transformation Hub

Upcoming Events

Virtual Reality Hub
An experience center enhances client relationships by showcasing products on interactive displays to drive engagement and loyalty.

Led by Krupasagar Sridharan Saurabh sameer Debashish Banerjee
Metaverse Experience Center India
Prove your C++ skills and get an exclusive opportunity to work with India’s biggest Sports XRtech Company in Goa.

XRthon Powered by Quidich Innovation Labs - Rahat KulshreshthaAshwini Jahagirdar

Glimpse of Experience Center

Oculus and HTC Vive Experiences

Virtual Reality Zone

Assisted Reality Zone

Presentation Zone

Collaboration Hub

Podcast Zone

AR/VR on Real Mechines

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Top Leaders from Global companies have visited Metaverse Experience Center. Experiencing the latest Immersive Tech & Solutions

One Domain: One Partner

We provide Experience & Tech Exclusivity to Every Partner

We make sure that Metaverse Experience Center have diverse range of Experiences, Tech Integrations and Every partner Bring their Innovative solution catering to one of the below Mentioned Industries. This industry Exclusivity allows our partner to be hyper focused which eventually allows to attract target Leads.


Metaverse Event

The scale of events in the Metaverse will outgrow the virtual events platforms in 2024 and beyond.

The partner is expected to have  a solution  which encompasses top segments that are not limited to 360 environments, ultra realistic avatars, many-to-many conversations & an acute planning managed by a highly competent team.

-Product Launches
-Clients & Dealer Meets
-Influencer focused events
Hardware: Mobile, Tablet, VR Glasses

Customer Persona/TG: Brand Managers, Marketing, Agencies, Partners etc.


Augmented Reality

AR is considered to be a tactical marketing & Engagement technique with gamification at the center of it.

The Partner is expected to have the following skills including implemented Use cases. It is important that the partners team is Highly innovative and will turn around a solution within the given time period of delegation visit.

-Brand Activation Campaigns
-B-B-C Engagements
-Marker based Experiences
-More solutions, more the merrier.
Hardware: Mobile, Tablet, AR Glasses

Customer Persona/TG: Brand Managers, Marketing, Agencies, Partners etc.


Experience Center

Whether a medium to large size organization or new brands in every sector  are opting for EC

The partner is expected to have completed Experience Centers both individually or in Partnership with Agencies, Architects. The Experience Centers demand advanced Hardware Integration. OEM Partnerships  are Preferred

-Compelling Storytelling
-Personalized Customer Journey
-Content Creation Opportunity
-Conceptualization & Production capabilities
Hardware: Touch Screens, AR/VR

Customer Persona/TG: CMO, CIO, CDO, Digital Transformation & Functional Heads


Show Floor Experience

Exhibitors work hard and spend huge sums of Money year on year to present themselves globally.

The partner is expected to have the general understanding of the exhibitions. Creating immersive experiences innovatively to enhance customer engagement, brand recall and work with the client in identifying emerging tech is key

-Immersive Virtual Reality 360 tour
-Gamified Experiences, Touch Panels
-Augmented Reality zones
-Anamorphic 3D Content
Hardware: Touch Screens, AR/VR

Customer Persona/TG: Exhibitors

Focus Area: Auto


Virtual Reality

VR is and always  remains at the forefront in the training function and particularly this category.

The partner is expected to have implemented use cases in the training, upskilling, simulator, haptics integrations. Having this solutions available on multiple device platforms is an added advantage.

Manufacturing is a vast vertical & its important to have a maximum of 2 Industry focus areas like Mining, Auto, Utility, Packaging etc.
Hardware: Oculus, HTC VIVE

Customer Persona/TG: Training heads, Human Resources, Digital Transformation & Functional Heads


Digital Twin

Digital Twin is an upcoming area of interest yet have challenging adoption rates. Perhaps this is on the goal sheet of CIOs in 2024

The partner is expected to have a product built in this space. However must have a strong services team to support medium to large scale implementations. IoT, Enterprise grade integrations is an added advantage.

-Immersive Data Experience
-Multi-Device/ User Collaboration
-No Schema Conformity Transformations
Hardware: PC, VR Glasses

Customer Persona/TG: CTO, CIO, CDO, Digital Transformation & Functional Heads


Assisted Reality

This is a pure hardware Assisted Solution hence product companies should opt for this category.

The partner is expected to have sector specific software solution to address the needs of the chosen industry segment. This is a very challenging segment since this deals with the people from traditional industries.

-Service Ticket
-Remote Assistance
-Content Collaboration & Ent. Integration
Hardware: AR Glasses, Realwere

Customer Persona/TG: Field Services Leaders, CTOs, Procurement Leaders etc.

Conversation On


Simulations using Virtual Reality rather than continuing with the traditional hardware simulators is a very upcoming area.

The partner is expected to have deep dive understanding of the hardware & Must have an actual use case implemented in any industry. Being a Proprietary OEM will be an added advantage

-Haptics or Non-Haptics solutions
-Deep understanding of industry processes
-Faster turnaround is preferred
Hardware: PC, VR Glasses

Customer Persona/TG: CTO, CIO, CDO, Digital Transformation & Training Heads

Focus Area: Real Estate

turn Audience pool into customers

Opportunity to showcase immersive solutions to local and International  Associations and Delegations. As listed below, MEC will invite Associations and Delegations to these centers to present targeted solutions, fostering impactful experiences and driving industry collaboration.





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