Distribution Utility Meet 2023 by India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF)

That time when I was called Tom Cruise of immersive tech by one of the power sector professionals in the audience 😂 😎

Showcased the remarkable impact of Vuzix Corporation glasses at Distribution Utility Meet 2023 by India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) at Le Meridien, Kochi, Kerala to talk about Assisted Reality Solutions for the Power Sector 🚀

I don’t believe you can ever make wearable solutions acceptable without making the industry-leaders put it on & experience it. At DUM 2023, we did exactly that! As key decision-makers of the power & utility sector came together, they first-hand experienced the use-cases that solved their existing challenges right away…

That’s what took them to understand what I was talking about is no Tom Cruise stunt but a reality that they can make happen themselves.

Here’s how the Vuzix glasses are set to make an impact:

✅ Access Remote Expertise

✅ Boost Overall Productivity

✅ Manufacture High-Quality Products

✅ Improve Customer Satisfaction

✅ Simplify the Training Process

✅ Detect and Resolve Issues in Real Time

✅ Facilitate Increases in Automation

Assisted reality solutions are definitely one of the game-changers in Immersive technology!!

Supported by NITI Aayog, Central Electricity Authority, and Kerala Tourism, the hashtag#DUM2023 summit offered a unique opportunity for utility and technology providers to showcase their products and demonstrate their benefits to a global audience directly.

Special thanks to Reji Kumar Pillai for the invitation 🙏

Rrahul Sethi
Distribution Utility Meet 2023 by India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF)
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