Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Dive into the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with our comprehensive training program. Learn how DeFi is reshaping the financial landscape and explore the innovative projects, concepts, and opportunities that are driving this revolution.

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Course Objectives

This training program aims to provide participants with a solid understanding of DeFi concepts, major projects, token economics, innovations, and their implications for the financial industry. By the end of the course, you will be well-prepared to identify and leverage the potential that DeFi holds for businesses and individuals alike.

What you'll learn

Metaverse911 Course key points
Fundamentals of DeFi and its Potential
Metaverse911 Course key points
Explore prominent DeFi projects & Case Studies
Metaverse911 Course key points
Token economics & Mechanism behind DeFi Platforms

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Who Should Attend?

Metaverse911 Course key points
Financial professionals
Metaverse911 Course key points
Metaverse911 Course key points
Metaverse911 Course key points
Metaverse911 Course key points
Tech enthusiasts
Metaverse911 Course key points
Startup Making DeFi Products

Training Overview

1. Basic DeFi Concepts

▶️️ Introduction to DeFi and its significance.
▶️️ Understanding decentralized protocols and their benefits.

2. Major DeFi Projects

▶️️ Maker: A deep dive into the case study of Maker DAO.

▶️️ Exploring Aave, Uniswap, and Curve: Features, use cases, and impact.

3. Cash-flows in DeFi Projects

▶️️ Analyzing market caps and revenue of prominent DeFi projects.

4. Token Economics or Tokenomics

▶️️Investigating the economic principles behind tokens, with a focus on Maker DAO.

5. Innovations in DeFi vs. Tradfi

▶️️ Comparing Perpetuals vs. Futures with the DYDX case study.

▶️️ Airdrops vs. Dividends: Understanding distribution mechanisms.

▶️️ AMM vs. Order Book Settlement: Evolution through the Uniswap timeline.

▶️️ Introduction to Liquidity, Liquidity Pools, Adding Liquidity, and Yield Farming.

▶️️ Platform fee distribution using the Curve case study.

▶️️ Liquid staking and its parallels, explored through the Lido case study.

▶️️ Overview of Asset Custodians and their roles in DeFi.

▶️️ PE-type equity investments vs. token sales.

6. Tokenization and Beyond

▶️️ Leveraging tokenization for global liquidity access.

▶️️ Real-world examples of large corporates implementing tokenization.

7. Cross-Border Trade and Remittances

▶️️ Examining instant finality vs. traditional settlement cycles.

▶️️ Introduction to Synthetic Stocks and their implications.

8. A Fresh Perspective on Treasury Management

▶️️ BTC ETFs and a case study of MicroStrategy's treasury strategy.

Professionals Attending our Training Programs

This course has been attended by Business owners, Metaverse Enthusiasts, Big Brand Employees and Companies.
Professionals Attending our Training Programs

Training program by

Mr. Chirag Mehta is founder and Partner at Clip Financial, a boutique investment bank focused on corporate and startup advisory. It specializes in fund raising, mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance. Founded in 2012, Clip Financial has been recognized amongst the 25 most promising Debt Syndication firms by Consultants Review magazine.

An IIM graduate, Chirag has a career spanning over 18 years and has been part of multiple senior management teams. He has led the M&A function at Mphasis and has worked with multinationals like AIG, Mahindra group in their strategy functions. He has a cross border transaction experience of more than 500 Mn USD with clients across US, Europe and India.

Chirag is a thought leader in Web3 / blockchain. He represents Bright node Sagl(Switzerland) in APAC and MEA and is a well known Tokenomics advisor. He also advises Brinc India and Foundership, two of the leading accelerators in India.  He consults with Bankless Consulting DAO and was an early member of Tokenomics DAO. Projects across the world reach out to him for advice on Defi and Tokenomics.  

Chirag is well published and has been invited to speak in multiple forums like FIL Singapore, BW web3 summit, ET Now, TiE etc for his views on web3 and Defi. He has been widely featured in financial magazines like SME world, Energy Manager and EQ International to name a few. He is a regular panelist on events organized by IIMnet, UBM India, Fintech India summit and is a guest speaker atIIM Lucknow on Mergers and acquisition.

An active member of organizations like CII, TiE (Charter Member), he also served on the executive committee of CII Young Indians (YI), Entrepreneurship vertical. Chirag is involved in various startup and entrepreneur programs as a mentor.

With passion for reading and long distance running, he dreams to write a book in the near future.

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