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Education Day

10th August, 2024
Join us on the 10th of August for our Education XR Day, where we will showcase the latest and most innovative AR, VR, and Metaverse solutions in the education industry. This event is an unparalleled opportunity for Education Institutes, E-Learning and Government bodies to explore how immersive technologies are transforming the educational landscape.
Metaverse Masterclass

About Education Day

For MEC Education day we will invite 25+ Delegates from Education Institutes, E-Learning and Government bodies. They will explore top of the line XR solutions in Education. Our XR conference is a great Platform to Network and Create new Roots in Education Industry. This 5 Hour Long conference is Interactive, Exploratory and Customised.

Explore top of the line Solutions Implemented by Bits Pilani, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, Amrita University & More..

5 Hour

XR Conference






Leaders to Network

Conference Format & Solutions

Explore the Top of the Line L&D and Education Solutions at India's First Metaverse Experience centre. Gratitude to Ibentos especially Jaswinder Bhatia, Harpreet Singh for putting some of the best immersive content with headgear support on VR & MR devices.
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Virtual University Tours

Problem: Traditional campus tours require physical presence, making it difficult for prospective students and their families, especially international applicants, to explore campus facilities.

Solution: Virtual Campus Tours provide an immersive VR/Metaverse experience that allows students and their families to explore campus facilities remotely. They can "walk" through classrooms, dormitories, libraries, and other key areas, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the campus environment without the need to travel.

Metaverse Admissions

Problem: The traditional admissions process can be limited by geographical barriers and may not fully convey the campus experience to prospective students.

Solution:Metaverse Admissions integrates the admissions process with Metaverse technology and Gen-AI, allowing prospective students to virtually experience the campus, infrastructure, and student life before applying. This innovative approach increases global reach, positions the institution as tech-forward, and boosts admission queries, helping the institution stand out in the competitive education sector.

Metaverse Convocations

Problem: Traditional convocations can be challenging for distance learning institutions to organize, and may not accommodate all students, especially those who cannot travel.

Solution:Metaverse Convocation transforms the graduation ceremony experience by allowing students to enter as humanized avatars. They can celebrate with their batchmates and receive their degrees seamlessly in a virtual environment. AI integration enhances the experience with avatar creation, announcements, and live stream integration, making each convocation a memorable and immersive event.

Collaborative Virtual Classrooms

Problem: Remote learning can lead to feelings of isolation and disengagement among students, making it difficult to maintain effective communication and collaboration.

Solution: Collaborative Virtual Classrooms offer a virtual environment where students and teachers can interact in real-time. These virtual classrooms support audio and video communication, shared whiteboards, and group activities, making remote learning more engaging and interactive.

Virtual Events in Metaverse

Problem: Traditional event hosting is often limited by physical space, geographic barriers, and logistical challenges, making it difficult to engage a large and diverse audience.

Solution: Events in Metaverse unlock endless possibilities by utilizing the Metaverse Campus as a digital hub for inter-campus interactions, competitions, and collaborations with other universities and colleges. This platform enables vibrant student clubs, engaging get-togethers, and a range of exciting events that transcend physical limitations, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Innovation Center in Metaverse

Step into the future of innovation with our Metaverse platform, offering a digital showcase of ideas and AI conversational avatars acting as mentors. These mentors evaluate ideas, provide guidance on topics like intellectual property, digital marketing, company formation, and government support. Arrange appointments with faculty members for personalized coaching and learning experiences.

Immersive Hardwares at MEC

At the Metaverse Experience Center (MEC), we offer state-of-the-art hardware that enhances the immersive experience for our guests. Our lineup includes top-of-the-line Oculus, HTC Vive, Vuzix, Microsoft HoloLens, Pico and Realwear devices, providing unparalleled visual fidelity and immersive capabilities. With high-quality LED screens, projectors, and cameras, we ensure that every detail of the immersive experience is captured and showcased with precision.
HTC Vive 5k


Oculus Quest

Oculus Quests 2 & 3

Assisted Reality Device

Realwear Devices

Assisted Reality Device


Apple VIsion Pro

Apple Vision Pro


Pico VR Headset

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Holo Lens

Phygital Training

Phygital Training

Solutions implemented by

Explore top of the Line Education XR Solutions implemented by big Education Institutes, E-Learning Providers, Government Bodies and Industry Leaders.
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Metaverse Experience Center

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