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80% of all social media leads for B2B Marketers come from LinkedIn
Source: Linkedinsellingreport
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We believe that Immersive Tech and Metaverse companies belong to an AWARENESS-FIRST INDUSTRY Immersive Tech and Metaverse products are not a ‘must-have’ but a ‘wish to have’ for your clients. Thus, selling heavily depends on making the client realise the need-gap and exact fitment for your product/ service.

why LinkedIn Presence?


of all social media leads for B2B Marketers come from LinkedIn


Top-performing sellers use social media in their sales strategy


of LinkedIn’s 930M+members are in a decision-making roles

Marketing your product on LinkedIn can get you to the right customer

At Metaverse911, We excel at crafting compelling content around your product, strategically positioning it to capture the attention of precisely the right customers.

Here’s our strategy for your success

We have devised a comprehensive strategy to effectively market your products
The above activities will be published through Rrahul Sethi’s LinkedIn Account. Being a thought leader in the industry with top global CXO’s, CIO’s in his network; Marketing on his platform gives your brand an unparalleled reach

Benefits of Third-Party LinkedIn Marketing

Metaverse Brands

Brand Building

Establishing your brand's presence as a prominent player in your industry.
Metaverse Brand Building
Metaverse Solution


A third-party voice garners the trust and credibility among professionals and potential clients.
Metaverse Companies
Metaverse Sales Channel

Inbound Sales

Cultivating a steady stream of qualified leads through strategic marketing.
Metaverse Sales

Our Linkedin Presence

Rrahul Sethi

Metaverse Expert & Founder, Metaverse911

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Rrahul Sethi

Customer experiences + Product Demo

Storytelling & visual communication designed using 100% AI
Focus on messaging that resonates with your customers.Create a story for the best and your clients favourite immersive experience

Bosch Employee Onboarding Experience Built on GMetriXR

Bosch redefined its employee onboarding experience with the Metaverse by taking the employees through 'A Day in their Lives'

An innovative move to foster brand awareness and learning for its internal teams, Bosch created a metaverse where employees could experience Bosch’s presence everywhere in their day.

GMetri’s NO-CODE metaverse creation tool has shortened the implementation timelines and with vast templates.

Metaverse Education Hub Built on GmetriXR

This education hub, an initiative of ‘Whose Metaverse?’ is helping learners connect, collaborate, co-create, and share, all while learning about the potential applications and development opportunities that the metaverse offers.

This wonderful metaverse environment developed and designed by Firas Safieddine on GMetriXR no-code platform took just 10% of the time.

Employee Engagement Experience at Kotak Mahindra Bank's 'Learning-a-fair' Metaverse

The Brandon Hall Awardee in 'Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” category, this initiative has utilised the full potential of the Metaverse.

Using a NO-CODE Metaverse creation tool GMetri has shortened the implementation timelines but with vast templates, it's easier for L&D professionals or HR’s to now launch the Metaverse experience without much external Agency support.

Employee Engagement in GMetriXR Metaverse

Want to know how companies like Amazon, Accenture, PayPal, Walmart, onboard and engage with their employees in the Metaverse? 🤔

I did a deep dive on this product recently with Teams from GMetriXR and Metaverse911. Now, this is an interesting way to ONBOARD & ENGAGE your employees.

What's best is GMetri’s templates are available for companies to choose from and be ready with a Metaverse onboarding solution within 15-min. 🔥

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