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Learn the complete process of building Metaverse on SandBox. This course also focuses on how existing companies are creating experiences in the metaverse. Moreover, the best practices on SandBox including an introduction to NFTs and the Sand cryptocurrency will be shared.

Instructor led
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Course Objectives

During this instructor-led, hands-on course, you will learn to:

As businesses continue to transform digitally, avenues of multiple different type of technologies being introduced in the business processes is increasing manifolds. Whether it is to improve the bottom-line or top-line, internal productivity or client experiences, Metaverse is becoming a top priority for the CXO’s in this year’s digital transformation activities.

This course covers complete process of building Metaverse on Sandbox. In addition to gathering functional requirements and planning, this course also focuses on how other companies are using Sandbox in creating experiences and how you can use best practices to create your Metaverse experience on Sandbox including brief introduction to NFT’s and “The Sand” crypto currency of Sandbox to commercialize business operations.Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

● Know the steps you will need to take to designing the experience on Sandbox

● Design and plan for activities list to ensure that you are correctly managing the project.

● Obtain practical experience in designing Sandbox experience.

What you'll learn

Metaverse911 Course key points
Understanding of Sandbox
Metaverse911 Course key points
Building in Sandbox
Metaverse911 Course key points
Best practices for designing immersive experiences

Course Includes

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Instructor led
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Who Should Attend?

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Artists and designers & 3d Animators
Metaverse911 Course key points
Cryptocurrency investors
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Gamers and gaming enthusiasts
Metaverse911 Course key points
Entrepreneurs/ Business Owners
Metaverse911 Course key points
Metaverse911 Course key points
Digital Marketing Professionals

Training Overview

How to create an account on The Sandbox

What is a cryptocurrency wallet and why do you need one?

The Sandbox Metaverse Map

▶️️ What is SAND?

▶️️ What is SAND used for?

▶️️ Buying and selling SAND

▶️️ Bridging SAND to mSAND

▶️️ More about SAND

The Sandbox Land      

▶️️ What is a LAND?

▶️️ What are ESTATEs?

▶️️  What are premium LANDs?

▶️️ What are DISTRICTs?

▶️️ How big are LANDs and ESTATEs?

▶️️ Scene placement and orientation

What can I do with a LAND?

▶️️  How do you make a game on LAND?

▶️️  Editing and customising ESTATE's description & logo

▶️️  Buying, selling and renting LAND

▶️️ Public LAND sales

▶️️  Public LAND sale dates

▶️️  How to buy LAND on OpenSea

▶️️  Identifying legitimate LANDs on OpenSea

▶️️  Games and experiences on LAND

▶️️ Transportation and portals

▶️️  More about LAND

▶️️  LAND Deployment on Polygon

The Sandbox Staking

▶️️  About Staking

▶️️  Staking Dashboard

▶️️  Stake SAND-ETH (Ethereum)

▶️️  Stake mSAND-MATIC (Polygon)

▶️️  Stake mSAND (Polygon)

▶️️ Withdrawing

▶️️  Claiming Rewards

▶️️  Frequently Asked Staking Questions

▶️️  Staking Troubleshooting

The SandBox Assets

▶️️  What are ASSETs?

▶️️  About ERC-1155

▶️️  Rights, ownership & copyright of ASSETs

▶️️  Buying and selling ASSETs


▶️️ Attributes & behaviours


Designing and publishing games

▶️️ Playing games

▶️️  Game Maker

Buying and Selling on The Sandbox Marketplace (FAQ)

Professionals Attending our Training Programs

This course has been attended by Business owners, Metaverse Enthusiasts, Big Brand Employees and Companies.
Professionals Attending our Training Programs

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Registered a Patent on “Computer-implemented method and system to provide a nondeterministic framework to determine a patrolling path.

14 Research papers are published in national and international journalsat the undergraduate level.

Have been interviewed by Times of India and Hindustan times and 6 more newspapers for research works.

Languages: Java, VB.Net, Python, PHP, C, C++, C#

Processing Frameworks/API: MapReduce

Analysis Frameworks: DB2

Web Framework: React

Others: Unity, Devops, Docker, Lob Security, Desktop Application Development,Mobile Application Development, Automation.

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Manu Agarwal

Chief Strategy Officer -Metalty venture
Reet Community

Ashank Mittal

Founder -REET Community
Schneider Electrics

Sabih Kidwai

Director Learning Solutions- Schneider
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