Target companies that your sales team will not find on Linkedin

Traditional sales efforts often fails as companies struggle to find potential clients on LinkedIn, facing the challenge of incomplete profiles and not finding key decision-makers.

Finding an ideal client who can be immediate buyers of your Immersive tech product is challenging.

We understand the need for a strategic approach, and that's why we've meticulously crafted the Multiplier – a powerhouse for sales generation that will revolutionize your outreach efforts.

Top players of each industry exhibit at national and international EXHIBITIONS and they also have strong paying capacity.

So, Our Multiplier directly target your potential clients at top Exhibitions.

Traditional Sales Process

Traditional Sales Process generates inefficient Leads as they usually target only companies that are highly visible on LinkedIn. Leaving behind the one that are not so popular but have good spending capacity. Those companies can only be targeted by extensive sales efforts or otherwise through our Multiplier.

M911 Multiplier Process

In traditional sales Process your team just look for the potential Clients on first few pages of LinkedIn. But there is High Probability that key decision makers of your target company may not be that popular on LinkedIn to come on first few pages.

We have creafted a revolutionary solution by which we target the Potential client and the one who also have paying capacity.

Multiplier volume

While there are companies who are going to exhibitions what we don’t know that whether they have the budgets to spend on immersive technologies.

This is not hard with M911 Multiplier. As we captured the companies going to multiple exhibitions over the past 5-7 Years, So this time in 2024 when we target this years exhibitions our system identifies the top 10% - 30% of the companies that we will target.

Its not about the 3,05,000 Number that we need to write emails to but the 300+ prospective buyers.


Global Exhibitions




Functional Heads



Why Our Data is Relevant?

our Email Campaign strategy

At Metaverse911, we do not believe in hard-selling an immersive tech product on email.

Our approach involves creating awareness by highlighting industry trends and happenings.

In our experience, a well informed lead has greater chances of response & conversion.

By doing so, we aim to build interest organically before engaging in more direct promotional efforts.

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