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L&D XR Day

Friday 19-04-2024
L&D leaders from global giants like Ericsson, ZS Associates, Bristlecone, Birlasoft hosted at India’s First Metaverse Experience Center. L&D leaders from diverse industries to explore Immersive Tech solutions to elevate employee Training and development. They got hands-on demonstrations on 10+ Headgears(Oculus, HTC Vive, Realwear, Vuzix, Ajna Lens & More...)
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L&D Leaders




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L&D Day Welcome Address

Vikram Sharma

CEO, EduRamp Learning Services Pvt. Ltd.
Metaverse Masterclass presented by Metaverse Experience Center and EduRamp Learning Services Pvt. Ltd. exclusively for L&D Leaders.
Onboarding & training is one of the most relevant use-cases of the Metaverse & Immersive Technology. As the delegation arrives, they’ll be introduced to the possibilities for their organisations

Metaverse Masterclass by Rrahul Sethi

Metaverse Masterclass led by Rrahul Sethi, L&D leaders gained valuable insights into the potential of immersive technologies. They learned how AR/VR/MR and the Metaverse can revolutionize learning and development strategies, enhance employee engagement, and drive organizational growth. Through practical demonstrations and case studies, they discovered innovative ways to leverage these technologies.

learning & Development Day

Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences and discover industry-specific use cases at the Metaverse Experience Center. Engage in tailored discussions, ask industry-specific questions, and uncover how immersive technology revolutionizes L&D
Metaverse Experience CenterMetaverse MasterclassMetaverse DefinationMetaverse Demo


Explore how L&D leaders explore cutting-edge AR/VR/MR and Metaverse solutions. They First Hand experienced the Practical Use case of Immersive Tech in there Industry.
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Exploring Multiple Headgears

"L&D leaders explored a diverse range of immersive tech headsets including HTC Vive, Pico, Ajna Lens, Oculus Realwear, Vuzix, and more.

Guided by industry experts, delegates gained hands-on experience and insights into their practical applications tailored to their respective industries.

Ajna XR Pro: Industry’s Most Advanced Mixed Reality Headset with incredible capability in a compact form factor
Realwear: Next gen industrial strength Assisted Reality Glasses. To Engage, Empower and Elevate your frontline workers.
Pico Neo 3: All-in-one headset with 4K lossless picture quality and Qualcomm processor for standalone and PC VR use.
Vuzix M400: The lightest, most comfortable smart glasses specifically designed for all day wear
and many more devices like HTC Vive, Oculus..
Virtual Reality Headgear
HTC vive


Oculus Quest

Oculus Quests 2 & 3

Assisted Reality Device

Realwear Devices

Assisted Reality Glasses


Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

Pico VR

Pico VR Headset

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Holo Lens

Ajna Lens

AjnaXR Pro

Guests from Global Companies

Guests from global companies visited Our Experience Center. They Experienced Industry Specific solutions & Identified Use Cased with our Partners
Metaverse Experience Center


Following the successful culmination of the Metaverse Masterclass, L&D leaders were presented with mementos and certifications as tokens of recognition and accomplishment
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Metaverse Competition
Metaverse Training
Metaverse Awards
Metaverse Masterclass
Masterclass Metaverse
Metaverse Course


L&D Leaders shared testimonials, highlighting the invaluable insights and immersive experiences gained during the enlightening L&D Day

Metaverse Masterclass

Rrahul Sethi in Conversation with Vikram Sharma, CEO Eduramp Learning Services Pvt. Ltd.
Metaverse Experience Center

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