Enterprise XR Masterclass

Enterprise XR Masterclass transforms organizations by Providing solid understanding of Immersive tech, Understanding its use cases, and with Hands on Experience your organizations leadership understand the true impact of it. Eventually Creating higher engagement, and collaboration, driving higher business value.
Metaverse Masterclass

Enterprise XR Masterclass

we specialize in providing cutting-edge Enterprise XR Masterclass tailored for industry leaders like PepsiCo, HCL, TCS, Wipro, and other renowned organizations. Our comprehensive XR Masterclass programs cover a wide range of immersive technologies, including Metaverse, AR, VR, Digital Twin and AI, ensuring that participants gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills.
Metaverse Masterclass

Enterprise XR Masterclass

Whether it's upskilling employees, fostering digital transformation, or staying ahead of industry trends, our Enterprise XR training equips organizations with the tools and expertise needed to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. Join us at Metaverse Experience Center and embark on a transformative learning journey towards a more immersive future.


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4 Hour

Enterprise XR Masterclass


Participants engage in interactive sessions led by industry experts, empowering them to harness the full potential of immersive technologies for enhanced productivity, innovation, and competitive advantage.

EnterPrise XR Masterclass

Get Hands on Experience & Industry Specific Use Case Demonstrations at Metaverse Experience Center.
Ask Questions specific to your Industry and clarify your doubts as to how Immersive Tech is a game changer!
Immersive TechMetaverse MasterclassImmersive TEch Use Case

Explore Multiple Technology

Metaverse Experience Center offers a diverse range of immersive technologies, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Assisted Reality, Mixed Reality, Digital Twin, and Metaverse Solutions, all under One roof.
Virtual Reality Hub

Virtual Reality (VR)

Immerse yourself in a range of industry-specific experiences at our VR station.
From training modules to hyper-realistic simulations, explore diverse VR applications.
Augmented Reality Hub

Augmented Reality

Stand out with AR solutions for product visualization, marketing, education, and more.
Experience innovative AR applications that enhance engagement and interaction.
Assisted Reality Solutions

Assisted Reality

Experience hands-on assisted reality solutions such as remote assistance and maintenance simulations on real machinery like cars and bikes. Discover the best AR hardware at MEC.
Digital Twin SOlutions

Digital Twin

Explore industry-specific digital twin solutions at MEC. From digital twin simulations to data analysis, experience enterprise metaverse through digital twin technology.
Metaverse Solutions


Immerse yourself in business or consumer-centric metaverse experiences with stunning visuals and artificial intelligence integration at MEC.
Virtual Reality Hub


Game Based Simulations & Digital Solutions that can engage your Employees in an Engaging Manner.
Gamified Employee Onboarding, Training Programms & More.

What you will Learn

The Learning objective of this masterclass is to provide participants with good understanding of Metaverse and NFTs, their use cases, and their potential to transform the business landscape.
Metaverse911 Course key points
Fundamental concepts and technologies that underlie the Metaverse, NFTs & Web3.
Metaverse911 Course key points
Explore the current and future applications of The Metaverse, NFTs & Web3, and how they can be leveraged to create new opportunities for your business.
Metaverse911 Course key points
Describe the potential use cases of Metaverse and NFTs in various industries.
Metaverse911 Course key points
Navigate in the Metaverse ecosystem and participate in virtual events.
Metaverse911 Course key points
Hands-on experience at few of the best Immersive tech solutions presented by our exhibitors covering Metaverse, AR, VR, Digital-Twin and more.
Metaverse Masterclass

Metaverse Expert

Metaverse Masterclass by Rrahul Sethi

Rrahul Sethi

Metaverse Expert and Founder, Metaverse911

Metaverse911 Course key points
A leading Metaverse thought leader with a community of 31,800+ followers on LinkedIn.
Metaverse911 Course key points
An accomplished Entrepreneur and Metaverse Expert.
Metaverse911 Course key points
Created 4.5 Star rating Metaverse & Web3.0 professional courses across enterprises.
Metaverse911 Course key points
Imparted Metaverse Trainings to over 5000+ professionals worldwide with companies spanning Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Unilever, Allianz, Continental, Sony Liv, and AT&T
Metaverse911 Course key points
Business Advisor with Consulting firms in India, Singapore, the US and Europe; Identifying the metaverse & immersive tech use cases for their clients.
Metaverse911 Course key points
Keynote speaker at BRICS, UK-India Convention, NASSCOM, CII, PHD Chamber of Commerce, Hindustan Times, MINT, TechCircle, ARVR etc.
Mr. Sethi started his entrepreneurial journey in 2005 and has 2 successful company exits. In his 18 years of experience, he has worked in 26 Countries and over 175+ Corporates. He has now embarked on the journey of making Metaverse and Web3 easy to understand for corporate professionals.




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10+ Immersive Hardware for Hands-on-Experience

At Metaverse Experience Center (MEC), we provide High End Immersive Tech hardware to elevate the immersive experience for our Attendees. MEC Immersive Hardwares Includes Oculus, HTC Vive, Vuzix, Microsoft HoloLens, Pico, and Realwear devices, delivering unmatched visual quality and immersive functionalities. Supported by advanced LED screens, projectors, and cameras, we guarantee precise capture and presentation of every aspect of the immersive journey.
Virtual Reality Hub


Virtual Reality Hub

Oculus Quests 2 & 3

Virtual Reality Hub

Realwear Devices

Virtual Reality Hub


Virtual Reality Hub

Apple Vision Pro

Virtual Reality Hub

Pico VR Headset

Virtual Reality Hub

Microsoft Holo Lens

Virtual Reality Hub

Phygital Training

Metaverse Experience Center

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