India Gaming Conclave 2023

Moderated an esteemed panel at India Gaming Conclave 2023 last week and it was incredible to witness the passion of the Indian Gaming Industry. ✨

Sharing 3 strategies for brands to leverage gamification for their benefit:

1️⃣ Employing gamification in employee engagement strategies to tackle the challenge of staff engagement with the company. For example, Deloitte used gamified elements such as badges, leaderboards, and status symbols, which helped reduce participants' time to certification by 50%

2️⃣ Providing dynamic and entertaining solutions that can integrate into your website, app, or email campaigns to make the user's experience with your service more engaging. Carrying a sense of competition, gamification helps in triggering excitement in customers which in turn encourages customers to get eager for achievements and rewards.

3️⃣ Gamification can be used to improve customer acquisition and retention. Gamification should provide customers with opportunities to share their rewards, achievements, and their ‘plots’ with other friends or customers.

What do you think about these?

Insightful discussion by my fellow panelists on “Money Matters – Big Trends in Investments Landscape, Monetization and Engagement in Indian Gaming Industry

Gaurav Agarwal, Co-Founder, Gamezop

Parth Chadha (parthchadha.eth), CEO & Co-Founder, STAN

Aditya Mani, Founder, YOLOgram

Dhruv Garg, Delhi Secretariat – All India Gaming Federation

Always a pleasure to meet Vikrant Singh, Founder Abhay Gupta Business Strategist at Ingram Micro Vandana Bansal from Team Metaverse911™

Rrahul Sethi
India Gaming Conclave 2023
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