INNO Health 2023

I am LIVE from INNO Health 2023 at IIIT Delhi Presenting Metaverse & Immersive Tech use-cases in Healthcare. 🚀 Dr Amit Raj, Managing Director, Plexus Med Care and I talk about Holographic patient consultation, remote expert consultation & Training simulations - The Top 3 Immersive Tech use-cases that will make it big in #medtech 🌟 Key Topics: 1. Patient care with MR & The Metaverse: Explore the intersection of technology and healthcare in the metaverse, unlocking new possibilities for patient engagement and personalized care. 2. Immersive Medical Education: Witness the transformative impact of the metaverse on medical education, creating interactive and dynamic learning environments for future healthcare professionals. 3. Collaborative Healthcare in Virtual Spaces: Dive into the metaverse's collaborative potential, where medical teams can seamlessly interact and strategize, transcending physical limitations. 💡 Why Attend: ▶️ Understand Immersive Tech & The Metaverse's role in enhancing patient care, education, and global collaboration. ▶️ Gain insights into cutting-edge technologies transforming patient-doctor interactions. ▶️ Explore practical applications and real-world examples of metaverse integration in healthcare. InnoHEALTH is the flagship annual international conference of InnovatioCuris, reverberating under the beats of healthcare and innovation. It aims to deliver qualitative healthcare at optimum cost at all levels by clocking various facets of innovation. Send your queries in the comments and we’ll address them LIVE from INNO Health 2023 #vr #ar #xr #metaverse #medtech #healthcare


Rrahul Sethi
INNO Health 2023
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