Metaverse 911 for Business Leaders Delhi

The glimpse of "Metaverse 911 for Business Leaders" excellent hosting of Business Leaders from all over NCR and a few from Mumbai, Pune in Delhi on 20th August.

In just over 4-hours, we discussed used cases of Metaverse as well as bringing real-time demos from businesses building this tech for corporates and the masses.

My learning from this experience is as follows:-

1. When business leaders with cross-functional skills meet at my session, they share their experienced (GOOD OR BAD) openly.

2. They seek clarity with subject matter experts in the most basic way which can not be accessed on the Internet or youtube.

3. Commercial conversation on how much will it really costs to build a metaverse experience, the time it takes, and what should be the approach.

4. Learning your way up with Web3 technology, discussion on NFTs and blockchain with experts normally will charge a handsome amount otherwise for day consulting.

5. They now can brainstorm ideas in the future as well with each other since they connect personally as well.

6. It's the Exposure. Exposure and Exposure that is valued. Most crisp and logical content with years of research is presented that helps in faster decision making.

And, my sincere gratitude to entrepreneurs who took the time to showcase their ORIGINAL work on metaverse.

Gagan Pal singh Nagi Vikas Ahuja Ashank Mittal Manu Agarwal

And Yeah- We also minted their "Certificates" as NFTs on Polygon.

P.S- We are coming to Mumbai next month {Last week September}

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Rrahul Sethi
Metaverse 911 for Business Leaders Delhi
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