AI + Metaverse India Congress, 2023

Sharing the Top 3 Metaverse UseCases for today that are a perfect fit for your business:

🚀 Launching a new product in the Metaverse. Hyundai, OnePlus & most big brands did it - It was a GREAT SHOW!!

🚀 Hiring & Onboarding Employees. Kotak Mahindra Bank won the Brandon Hall Award for this so what more do we need to validate the impact?

🚀 Engaging consumers at metaverse events with gamified experiences. Inviting your community to events. Pro Tip - Sports Events will rock!!

Talked about three successful brands that are doing amazing work in the metaverse and that I recommend as the right choice for business leaders looking to enter the metaverse.

Recently highlighted the brands amongst top industry leaders at AI + Metaverse India Congress, 2023 as we explored the Metaverse usecases of today.

I have always said, the Metaverse is not a must-have for your business but a good-to-have.

The metaverse is not for everyone. It is for that 10% with high disposable incomes and an ability to spend to be your ideal consumers.

The gamified experiences in the metaverse create a brand recall & set you apart from the competitors. Making your consumers engage with your product in real time.

Here are three brands doing the best of the best work in the metaverse: is leading the creator economy of tomorrow by creating the world’s largest asset library in spatial design by building game-changing 3D technology for Web 3.0 (the next internet) where all interactions - personal or professional - will be 3D. Converse is the right choice if you are looking for engaging gamified metaverse spaces to be deployed for your business. Kudos to Vikrant Singh Sagar Gautam and their team!

GMetriXR offers one of the best employee onboarding metaverse solutions I have seen. Their no-code toolkit empowers organizations to create immersive environments for a wide range of applications. GMetri simplifies the process of building metaverse experiences, making advanced technology accessible to creators and organisations worldwide. Amazing job by Utsav Mathur Sahil Ahuja and their team!

SKOR Metaverse is the game-changer with amazing sports metaverse spaces. Ideal for your e-sports events in the metaverse; my buddy Sanjay Mehta and his amazing work!

Thanks, Nidhi Taneja and team Nexgen Conferences Pvt. Ltd for the invite to this amazing event.

Enter the metaverse with your brand today!! Got queries on ‘How to do it’’? Let’s connect!

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Rrahul Sethi
AI + Metaverse India Congress, 2023
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