How can Esports in VR Generate Opportunities for Brands?

Rrahul Sethi
December 22, 2023
5 min read
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Welcome to this week’s newsletter, Metaverse911™ Weekly Dose - How can Esports in VR Generate Opportunities for Brands? Sports industry is witnessing major transformation as Virtual Reality steps in E-Sports. And it’s a win-win for both: Sports industry & Brands willing to collaborate.

In our recent LinkedIn LIVE, we showcased the fusion of traditional sports and esports in a dynamic VR setting. What an electrifying showdown in the finals of the Virtual Reality Tournament presented by Motorola Razr, held across two Canadian cities, Montreal and Toronto! 🔥

We had the pleasure to have an illustrious panel:

  • Gregory Gettinger, CEO & Founder, VR Motion Learning
  • Deepesh Indrapal Solanki, Director, No Scope Gaming India
  • Vimalraj Jaychandran, International Tennis Player

In case you missed our #linkedinevent, click the below link to watch:

How does a VR Tennis match happen and what does it look like?

Well, I have the perfect example to give you presented by none other than Motorola Razor. A Virtual Tennis Tournament in Canada that is set out to make a mark on the E-sports industry and how it will be perceived moving forward.

This setup could win awards. 820 Contestants from across 43 countries participated in this virtual event tennis event to win the prize worth $75,000.

The final round team players wore a VR headset and a holding device which acts as a tennis racket. The avatars in the game react similarly to its owner and respond to the hand and body movements of the player.

The match reels you in as Catt 84 and Crocodellious close in on each other…Wondering who won?

Follow this link to find out who won and take a look at this grand event:

Did you know?

Tennis Clash is a series of rounds played online. With the support of the International Tennis Federation, fans can now engage in the Olympics Esports Finals in Singapore and win the illustrious Olympics Esports Trophy. If the Olympics is also entering the VR fields, we have got to be on to something big, right?

Why are brands hosting VR Tennis tournaments?

  • Consumer Engagement: VR upgrades the ultimate Tennis Tournament experience as it not only involves visual and auditory elements but also tactile and olfactory stimuli. This physical and digital factor draws in, engages the audience, and facilitates brand recall and brand engagement among consumers. Along with this, VR Tennis Simulations hit the nail on the head by immersing the participants in virtual environments inspired by renowned tennis courts.
  • Brand Engagement: A VR tennis match can be a powerful tool for brand engagement by providing an immersive and interactive experience for users. Brands can attract their audience by showcasing their products and services in virtual events and incorporate brand-related challenges or missions within the VR tennis game. Users can be rewarded with virtual currency or exclusive content related to the brand when they complete these challenges, encouraging continued engagement.
  • Employee Engagement: Brands can host internal company events like VR Tennis Tournaments where employees can compete individually or in teams. This helps foster a sense of community and friendly competition among the peers as they climb the leaderboard to win rewards and prizes. Implement leaderboards, creating a competitive environment that encourages users to play the game regularly. This activity can further encourage collaboration and help develop leadership qualities among the individuals.

How does it benefit the sports ecosystem?

  • Sports Training and Skill Development: The VR software’s physics is the same as the tennis you will play on the ground. Whether you want to practice serving or you want to on your back ends, VR fulfills whatever need arises in terms of developing skills. In the end, when you will enter the field, you will see, the only difference you find is that of the environment you trained in and not the techniques learned. VR Tennis personalizes your training, catches what you do wrong, and gives instant feedback to improve your techniques. It tailors your training to your biomechanic data and highlights what muscles and movements will lead to the perfect shot. It is basically a guide, monitoring your every step of the move.
  • Playing matches with friends remotely: You can collaborate with friends and teammates via virtual reality, despite being miles away from each other with LIVE audience at your disposal. Sports enthusiasts can interact with their favorite sportsperson’s avatar and create their own if they want to compete. The realistic stadiums and arenas strive to mesmerize players and give a real-life look and feel to the game.
  • For people with disabilities: Customizable controls, seated gameplay, and sensory considerations enhance accessibility, allowing people with disabilities to engage in an immersive and enjoyable virtual experience. This inclusiveness promotes diversity, creating a more enriching and accessible virtual environment.

You can get hands-on experience with VR sports through VR Motion Learning, which brings you closer to VR tennis sports techniques and how you can up your game. Based on the player’s biomechanical data, the system calculates the optimal movement pattern. Their software gives instant feedback on any mistake and deviation from the techniques and helps you improve. All you need is a headset and a box to get started on your sports journey and in no time, you will be unstoppable!

Kudos to VR Motion Learning Team for making Tennis E- Sports accessible to every human out there.

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Rrahul Sethi
December 22, 2023
5 min read