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3D optimizer tool reduce size of 3D asset up to 80%

Optimize your Metaverse, VR, AR, Digital Twin, Gaming, Architecture, and design projects

AI Powered 3D Mesh Optimizer cutting-edge 3D Asset and Mesh Optimizer tool is here to revolutionize your 3D modeling experience.

With a seamless one-click solution that works across 30+ file formats, our smart, cloud-based, and no-code platform is designed to simplify the optimization process, allowing you to focus on your creative work while we handle the technical aspects.

Why Optimize Your 3D Models?

Improved Loading Times

In applications like web-based 3D viewers, VR, MR, and XR, faster loading times are critical for a smooth user experience.

Reduce Bandwidth Usage

Lighter models require less bandwidth to download, making them ideal for mobile gaming and video conferencing applications.

Increase Compatibility

Different platforms have unique integration criteria for 3D content. Optimized 3D content ensures compatibility across all platforms.

Less Storage Requirements

Lighter models occupy less storage space, ultimately saving you money on hosting costs

Improve Performance

Lighter models render faster, enhancing the user experience in applications like gaming and simulations.

Increase Flexibility

Lighter models are more flexible to use in different applications, as they require less processing power and memory

Outperform others

AI Integration

Our tool leverages artificial intelligence to optimize 3D models. It marks crucial vertices on the surface for shape preservation.

Selective Optimization

We go beyond generic algorithms. Our tool intelligently identifies different types of models in a scene, optimizing them based on their characteristics.

Industries Served


Immersive 3D experiences for console, PC, and mobile games.

Industrial & Simulation

Real-time 3D for product visualization, simulations in aviation, automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Design & Architecture

Interactive virtual walkthroughs, interior design, and spatial planning.

AR-VR and Virtual Worlds

VR experiences, interactive storytelling, and AR applications


3D product visualization, virtual showrooms, and virtual try-ons.

Education and Training

Real-time 3D simulations for interactive learning, training, and educational content

Features & Pricing

We are working with platforms across AR/VR, Metaverse, 3D Visualization, and digital twins! We’d love to work with you too! Custom API Integrations, Optimizer at the point of 3D content on your platform, and custom features unlocked!


$99 /month

Billed Monthly
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This Includes..
100 Credits / Month
1 Seat
Save Progress
Export Functionality + Format Change(s


$499 /month

Billed Monthly
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This Includes..
1,500 Credits / Month
Upto 5 Seats
All features in Lite package
Heatmap Viewer
Selective Optimisation
Batch Optimisation
Team Management


$999 /month

Billed Monthly
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This Includes..
10,000 Credits / Month
Upto 10 Seats
All Features from Lite & Pro
API Support
Similar Shape Optimisation
CAD Support
1 Credit = 100,000 polygons per 3D model input

For example:  A 200,000 polygon 3D model would require 2 credits, irrespective of how many LODs and optimizations are performed on the same model

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