Top 3 Use-cases: A Guide to host your next Metaverse Event!

Rrahul Sethi
January 15, 2024
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As we come closer to the new age of innovation and technology, the Metaverse has been a go-to destination for brands to host their events. Brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Gucci, and more have already leveraged The Metaverse to host their events in The Metaverse.

In our recent #linkedin event, “Skyrocket Consumer Engagement: Host Your Next Event in The Metaverse!” Ashish Minocha, CBO, MAI Labs joined us and we discussed how Metaverse events are an incredible way to tell your brand story and build loyal communities.

In case you missed our event, here is the link:

Launching Mayaaverse: The way towards Metaverse events

Whenever I look at MAI Labs Metaverse spaces, I always pause to look carefully how the team managed to create these details…Truly, a hyper-realistic Metaverse 🚀 Look at the snapshots below and you'll yourself agree!

Hall of Eternity Stage

Fashion Arena

House of People

What’s so unique about this space is not just how beautifully designed and intricately deployed it is BUT THE HUMANOID AVATAR…The Humanoid Avatars in Event Metaverse: How are these different?When virtual influencers were first launched 7yrs back CMOs rarely believed in the idea that an influencer that exists only ‘virtually’ will be able to connect with the audience.Today these virtual influencers have millions of followers on social media - All GenZ and Gen Alpha 😎Brand deals like BMW, and Balenciaga have all come their way in the past 7years…So where’s the gap?? 🤔They are not human enough. They’re intangible. The content with virtual influencers today is still 2D: pre-recorded youtube videos, pre-shot brand campaigns…What’s next? What will change in 2024? ⭐ THE HUMANOID AVATARS will bridge this gap!!Now, these avatars are made to be interactive and hyper-realistic to the point you will feel like they are actually real! Yes, this is not a drill. They tend to cause a higher level of immersion with their life-like presence and consumers get genuinely fascinated by these other-wordly creatures. Click to know more: Think virtual influencers 2.0: Let me simplify how it works and where’s the opportunity for your brand:Imagine:

  1. Your target audience is immersed in hyper-realistic Metaverse events.
  2. Humanoid avatars backed by voice-over artists adding the human touch - stealing the show, influencing consumers in real time.
  3. A community that not only connects with avatars but engages consistently in the Metaverse.What’s the opportunity?▶ Brands can use the humanoid avatar to tell their story in an interactive and engaging manner in the hyper-realistic event metaverse space that creates a truly immersive atmosphere that mimics real-world environments.Being powered by a human, the avatar can showcase features, answer queries, and generate excitement around new products.▶ Brands can use the humanoid avatar to host virtual product launches, creating an immersive and interactive experience for participants.  This level of detail enhances the overall ambiance, will make participants feel as if they are physically present in a carefully curated event space.A link to the Metaverse of MAI to showcase the beauty of metaverse events:

I have conceptualized 3 events use-cases that can be hosted in this incredible hyper-realistic Metaverse. Have a look at these use cases for hosting events in Mayaaverse:

  1. Thrifting in MetaverseThe Genz and Gen Alpha are one of the most environmentally conscious and sustainability-oriented individuals out there. Hence, concepts like thrift stores have boomed in last few years. Now, how can we make thrifting more exciting & accessible for them? Yes, you guessed it right, through Metaverse. By holding a thrifting event in the Mayaaverse, you can leverage humanoid avatars, who can interact with the audience and make this event even more thrilling. With this, you can host fashion shows, ramp walks, Q&A with people and advertise your sponsors in a creative way that is attention-grabbing and entertaining at the same time. In the Metaverse, the audience can interact with these humanoid avatars and explore more about the brand's fashion and clothing, making this experience immersive and intriguing.
  2. Cultural and Entertainment Events:Culture is a powerful tool and can contribute massively to your brand narrative. Have you heard of Dream Forest Langkawi? If not, below are a few snapshots of this beautiful tourist destination:

It’s a theme park in Malaysia where legendary mythological tales are brought to life with the help of enchanting, colorful shows, music and alluring narration.

Imagine what an awe will it be to bring this work of art into the Metaverse?!

Mythological Avatars that have cultural and historical significance will fascinate tourists and even native individuals for that matter. These can be adapted by the humanoid avatars in Mayaaverse and make the audience interact with them instantly!

This method of storytelling will leave such an imprint on people’s mind that it will be next to impossible to ever forget the experience. You can introduce all the characters from the legends and odes of mythology to play out an entire story powered by human voice artists and hypnotizing visuals that encourage consumers to interact with the environment. Therefore, it’s not just marketing. It's the art of creating living legends within your brand narrative.

3. Influencer Meetup

You ever wonder why Comicon or Youtube Fan Fests are so successful?

It’s because of the influencers and the experience they create for their fanbase. This traditional meetup can be taken to the next level through Mayaaverse. People love interacting with their favourite influencers and celebrities.

Hosting a metaverse meet and greet for influencers and fans will instantly connect the audience with your brand and since the fan base is already there, people will attend the event within a heartbeat as they do not want to miss the chance to meet their beloved influencer one-on-one. This will further help users identify your brand, form a deeper, emotional connection, and over time, help build-up a community!

Are you excited about these ideas? Let's connect and execute them together!

How can Brands gain from Metaverse events?

  1. Community building: Consumers get to interact with like-minded individuals and create groups to have discussions, workshops on ideas relevant to them, encourages respectful and healthy environment and helps build a community.
  2. Consumer engagement: Consumers can get all up-close and personal with the brand by interacting with their products. Metaverse events add this dynamism to the otherwise dull and not so exciting event by creating an immersive world that leaves a long-lasting impression on the user’s mind.
  3. Brand presence and visibility: Metaverse events know no boundaries in terms of showcasing creativity. So, get ready to portray your brand the way you have always wanted to. Here, brands get to tell their story in the most dazzling way possible.
  4. Employee engagement: You can host team-building events within the metaverse to strengthen interpersonal relationships among team members. Virtual team-building activities could include collaborative games, challenges, or virtual escape rooms.
  5. Product launches and showcases: Metaverse allows you to design a virtual environment that complements your product. This can include a virtual showroom, exhibition space, or interactive displays that allow users to explore the product up-close, in a visually appealing and contextually relevant setting.
  6. Virtual events and conferences: Metaverse allows virtual lounges and meeting spaces where attendees can network in a more natural and spontaneous manner. This facilitates serendipitous connections and enhances the networking experience.
  7. Humanoid avatar interaction: Through metaverse events, users get to interact with humanoid avatars which makes the entire event even more fascinating. Humanoid avatars, when designed effectively, can represent the brand, deliver messages, add to the entire ambiance of the event and create a memorable virtual experience.

MAI Labs has accomplished something never witnessed before. They have designed a hyper-realistic and breathtaking metaverse of their own, called the Mayaaverse. With its humanoid avatars, which can interact with any TG with human touch and personalized communication. Furthermore, their metaverse can be customized to tailor your brand or industry and cater to your specific needs and wants accordingly.

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Rrahul Sethi
January 15, 2024
5 min read