Gamified Employee Onboarding Experience

Redefine your Employee Onboarding with Gamification. Show your new hire your company Vision, Mission, Products & Services, Team, Company history, Company foundational goals and much more through immersive gamified experience. Brochures, PDF and Mails sometimes gets extremely boring during onboarding process but Gamified Digital Onboarding will keep your new hires engaged and retain for longer time.

Gamified Onboarding

Gamified Employee Onboarding transforms the traditional onboarding process into an engaging, interactive, and immersive 3D digital game based experience. Utilizing elements such as games, leaderboards, badges, and quizzes, it captivates new hires, fostering a deeper understanding of company culture, values, and processes. By combining entertainment with essential information, gamified onboarding ensures higher engagement, retention, and a seamless transition for employees into their new roles.
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Tackling Preboarding Challanges

Uncover the preboarding challenge: candidates accepting offers but not joining. Explore how Gamified Onboarding bridges the gap, engaging candidates during the critical acceptance-to-joining period, reducing attrition rates, and providing valuable insights through data-driven reports.

Key Features of Gamified Employee Onboarding


Foster healthy competition, motivating employees to excel and engage actively in their onboarding journey.


Recognize and reward achievements, promoting a sense of accomplishment and pride among new hires.

Showcase Zone

Show your Products or Services to the New Hire. Let them know about your Brand and Sub-brands

Pulse Survey

Capture real-time feedback to tailor the onboarding experience, ensuring continuous improvement.

Explore Office

Your New Hire can explore the Office through a gamified Onboarding Experience.


Facilitate personalized interactions, helping new hires establish meaningful connections within the organization.

How it is Better than Conventional Onboarding?

Enhanced Engagement and Retention

Problem: Traditional onboarding often leads to disengagement, resulting in lower retention rates and decreased productivity.
Solution: Gamified Onboarding captivates new hires with interactive elements & Rewards during gameplay. This heightened engagement translates to improved retention and a more committed workforce.
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Preventing Preboarding Attrition

Problem: Candidates accepting offers but not joining is a prevalent issue, especially during the preboarding period.
Solution: Gamified Onboarding bridges the gap between acceptance and joining, keeping candidates engaged through a 3D mobile game. This proactive approach significantly reduces preboarding attrition, providing valuable insights and ensuring a higher likelihood of candidates joining the organization.
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Accelerated Productivity

Problem: Conventional onboarding methods often lead to a slow assimilation process, delaying the time it takes for employees to become fully productive.
Solution: Gamified Onboarding offers a dynamic learning experience, helping new hires understand company values, policies, and ways of working through interactive games. This accelerates the onboarding process, reducing the time it takes for employees to contribute effectively.
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Gamified Space

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