360° AV experience during OSIM chair massage

Immerse in 360° Virtual Reality experience during OSIM chair massage


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Sit back and relax as you enjoy an unparalleled audio-visual experience during your massage on OSIM’s new uDream Pro 5 massage chair. This innovative project utilizes a specially designed VR application to enhance the traditional massage chair experience. Users can select their preferred massage settings through the VR app, and the chair will respond accordingly, providing a personalized massage experience.

With two programs to choose from, users can enjoy a 15-minute massage while immersing themselves in a stunning 360-degree audio-visual experience. This unique audio-visual content, created by Trinax, offers users an unforgettable experience.

The objective of this project is to offer OSIM customers a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience while they try out the uDream Pro 5 massage chair. The goal is to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience that showcases the chair's capabilities and enhances the overall massage experience. To experience this immersive journey, users simply need to sit comfortably on the massage chair and put on the VR headset. They can then adjust the chair's position through the VR app and select their desired program – Awakening or Breathing. Once they are ready, they can start their 15-minute massage experience.

As users delve into the virtual world through the VR headset, they will be treated to specially curated content that complements the massage experience. These immersive visuals and sounds are designed to elevate the massage chair experience, providing users with a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

In summary, OSIM’s uDream Pro 5 massage chair offers users an immersive audio-visual experience like no other. With its specially designed VR application and curated content, this project aims to enhance the traditional massage chair experience and provide users with a memorable and enjoyable massage experience.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read