AR App Showcases ERANGE EV Tires Innovation

Augmented Reality app highlights ERANGE EV Tires' innovation for electric vehicles


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ERANGE EV Tires, Sailun Tires' latest brand exclusively for electric vehicles (EVs), has introduced an Augmented Reality (AR) App designed to highlight the unique features of their products to prospective clients. ERANGE EV Tires are specifically engineered for EVs, differing significantly in composition, design, and technical capabilities from tires designed for traditional gas-powered vehicles. This specialization posed a challenge for the ERANGE team in effectively communicating these distinct characteristics to potential buyers.

To address this challenge, the Virtual Lab team devised a solution centered around an AR App. This custom-built application integrates marker triggers and markerless AR world calibration processes to deliver a dynamic and interactive experience. Through this AR platform, ERANGE EV Tires can showcase the evolution of tire technology from 1900 to the present day, emphasizing the advanced performance capabilities of their tires tailored for EVs.

The AR experience unfolds with a series of animations that illustrate the technological advancements in tire design and highlight the specific benefits of ERANGE EV Tires. These animations are strategically triggered to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of how these tires are optimized for the unique demands of electric vehicles, such as enhanced durability, efficiency, and environmental benefits.

By leveraging AR technology, ERANGE EV Tires not only educates potential clients about the specialized features of their products but also creates an engaging and immersive presentation that enhances customer engagement. This interactive approach allows prospective buyers to visualize and appreciate the innovative design and superior performance of ERANGE EV Tires in a compelling virtual environment.

Overall, the collaboration between ERANGE EV Tires and Virtual Lab exemplifies the effective integration of advanced technology in marketing strategies. Through the AR App, ERANGE EV Tires can effectively differentiate their product offerings in the competitive automotive market and cater specifically to the growing segment of EV owners seeking high-performance and environmentally conscious tire solutions.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read