AR Boosts KING'S HAWAIIAN and Kona Brewing Co. Sales

KING'S HAWAIIAN and Kona Brewing Co. boost sales with AR


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KING'S HAWAIIAN® and Kona Brewing Co.® partnered with Zappar Creative Studio for an AR campaign to increase product awareness and drive sales. The campaign, based on the success of the 2021 King's Hawaiian summer sweep, aimed to help customers find products in-store and boost sales for both King's Hawaiian Bread and Kona products.

Zappar provided expertise in concepting, strategy, production, design, creative, technology, and optimization. The AR experience was deployed using WebAR, QR codes, and enhanced distribution methods to reach customers both in-store and at home.

The in-store experience can be launched from the CTAs placed on a variety of POS material around the Kings Hawaiian and Kona locations in store

The primary objectives were to assist customers in finding products in-store and drive increased sales. The AR experience featured a 3D island asset from the 2021 campaign with new modifications, including partnering with the Kona branding. Users could unlock different areas of the island by completing activations, such as finding Sam Sam and naming their island, to win prizes and sweep entries.

The experience saw high levels of engagement, with the games and avatar creator being particularly popular. The campaign continues to boost engagement and assist customers in finding products in-stores across the US. The flexible nature of the AR solution also allows for future applications for King's Hawaiian.

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Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read