AR Clean Heat: Visualizing Sustainable Heating Solutions

Interactive AR educates & visualizes clean heat solutions for consumers


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ROSE recently collaborated with NYSERDA and KSV on a groundbreaking initiative aimed at dispelling myths surrounding heat pumps and promoting clean heating solutions in New York. The project, titled "Experience Clean Heat," leveraged augmented reality (AR) technology to create an immersive and educational experience for consumers.

One of the key components of the initiative was a quiz hosted by NYSERDA's heat pump mascot, Chatty. Users could access this quiz through a WebAR experience, where they would be transported to a virtual "typical" home in upstate New York. Chatty would guide users through the quiz, testing their knowledge about clean heat and heat pumps. At the end of the quiz, users would receive their Clean Heat IQ score, which they could share on social media. They also had the option to explore a second AR experience, "See Clean Heat," which allowed them to visualize different types of ductless mini-split units in their own space at real scale. This experience was designed to help users understand how these units would look and function in their homes.

In addition to the interactive experiences, the campaign included signage at partner locations that use heat pumps. These signs encouraged visitors to try the AR experience and learn more about clean heat solutions. The goal was to provide a physical and virtual experience of clean heat, driving interest and engagement among consumers.

To maximize reach, a simplified version of the AR experience was created, focusing solely on the "See Clean Heat" feature. This version could be easily linked on webpages and shared on social media, allowing NYSERDA to direct traffic to the experience from various online platforms.

Overall, the project aimed to educate consumers about the benefits of heat pumps and clean heating solutions, empowering them to make informed decisions about their home heating systems. By combining innovative technology with engaging content, the initiative sought to inspire action towards a more sustainable future in heating.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read