AR Dream Wall: Huawei Inspires Visitors at IT Exhibition

Huawei's interactive dream board inspires visitors at IT exhibition booth


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To achieve its marketing goals, Huawei partnered with the Trinax team to create an engaging experience at an IT exhibition. The centerpiece was an interactive dream board that allowed visitors to share their dreams, aligning with Huawei's brand philosophy of inspiring people to dream big.

The objective was twofold: first, to attract more visitors to Huawei's booth, and second, to convey the brand's message of encouraging people to pursue their dreams through an interactive digital platform. The interactive dream board worked by inviting visitors to indicate their dreams using the digital interface. Once their dreams were selected, a digital avatar on a massive video wall mimicked their movements, creating an immersive and personalized experience.

The use of the digital avatar allowed visitors to interact with the dream board in a unique and engaging way, enhancing their overall experience at the exhibition. After interacting with the dream board, visitors had the option to receive photos and videos of their experience via email, extending the engagement beyond the exhibition floor. The interactive dream board proved to be a successful marketing strategy for Huawei, drawing crowds to their booth and creating a memorable experience for visitors. The dream board not only showcased Huawei's innovative technology but also resonated with visitors by encouraging them to share their dreams and aspirations.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Huawei and the Trinax team resulted in a creative and interactive experience that effectively communicated Huawei's brand philosophy while engaging and inspiring visitors at the IT exhibition.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read