AR Innovation: Hilton Hotels' Virtual Room Showcase Success

AR showcases Hilton room designs, reduces transport costs effectively


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Key takeaways

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Hampton by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn embarked on an innovative AR project to showcase their new room designs at events across Dubai, the Netherlands, Jordan, and London. The primary objectives were twofold: to mitigate the costs and environmental footprint associated with transporting physical furniture globally, and to present rooms that were still under construction.

The temporary rooms featured only floor layouts without furniture. To bring these spaces to life, tablets were strategically positioned throughout the rooms. Visitors could pick up a tablet and scan images within the rooms, triggering a virtual tour experience. Through the AR interface, users could explore the rooms in detail, interacting with pop-up icons to learn more about the room's features and amenities.

The initiative proved highly successful, attracting over 5,000 users who engaged with the AR experience at various events. By leveraging AR technology to enhance emotional engagement, the campaign provided a cost-effective and impactful means of generating publicity. The immersive nature of the AR experience allowed potential customers to envision themselves in the new room designs, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of the offerings.

Building on this success, VRCraftworks was subsequently contracted to promote another Hilton product, the Motto, which is a conceptual hotel and travel experience. This expansion underscores the confidence and satisfaction Hilton had in the AR approach developed by VRCraftworks.

Overall, the AR initiative by Hampton by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn exemplifies how innovative technology can be leveraged not only to reduce logistical challenges and environmental impacts but also to create engaging and memorable experiences for potential customers. It represents a forward-thinking approach to marketing and public relations within the hospitality industry, setting a benchmark for future promotional strategies.

Rrahul Sethi
June 28, 2024
5 min read