AR Revolutionizing Furniture Shopping

Mojo Apps AR: Visualize furniture at home before purchase

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An innovative AR mobile app and its accompanying CMS panel were developed by Mojo Apps, a prominent online furniture store. This AR app offers real-time previews of furniture within your own home using just a smartphone. By viewing your interior through your phone screen, you could select any piece of furniture, place it in different spots using AR, and instantly visualize how it fit into your space. Once satisfied, you could conveniently order your chosen furniture online, benefiting from prompt delivery services.

The AR mobile app provided several key advantages:

1. Product Visualization: Users could see how selected furniture items appeared in their actual living spaces, ensuring they matched the aesthetic and dimensions desired.

2. AR Experience Sharing: AR photos could be captured and shared with friends and family, allowing for collaborative decision-making and feedback on furniture choices.

3. Virtual Furnishing: Home decorating could be experienced virtually, eliminating the need for physical visits to furniture stores and the hassle of returns.

4. Extensive Product Range: Access was granted to a vast catalog of over 30,000 products, offering ample choices to suit diverse preferences and interior styles.

The CMS panel served as the bridge between the e-commerce platform and the AR app, ensuring seamless integration and functionality. It enabled smooth management of product listings, updates, and synchronization between the online store and the AR experience.

This innovative AR solution not only enhanced the online shopping experience but also revolutionized how customers interacted with furniture before making purchasing decisions. By leveraging AR technology, Mojo Apps empowered customers to make informed choices, visualize their home transformations, and enjoy a streamlined shopping journey from selection to delivery.

Rrahul Sethi
June 28, 2024
5 min read