AR Tribute: Black History in Health and Wellness

ROSE's AR experience honors Black American medical contributions innovatively


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Key takeaways

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To commemorate Black History Month, ROSE developed an augmented reality (AR) experience focused on the 2022 theme: Health and Wellness. This initiative aims to educate users about Black history, which is often marginalized in mainstream narratives. The AR experience creates a virtual museum that users can explore from the comfort of their homes, highlighting the significant contributions of Black Americans to the field of medicine.

The AR experience begins with users placing a virtual entrance portal anywhere in their environment. Upon entering the portal, users are transported into a museum-like room featuring a timeline of medical achievements by Black Americans. Through on-screen navigation, users can select different time periods to explore, with the content dynamically updating in the virtual space.

The use of a "tap to place" portal enhances the immersive experience, allowing users to physically step into the virtual museum. This approach creates a sense of presence in a new space, enriching the exploration of the content.

The AR exhibition showcases 30 curated events that highlight the brilliance, sacrifice, courage, and resolve of Black Americans throughout history. By presenting this information in an interactive and accessible format, the AR experience aims to elevate Black history and underscore its importance in shaping American history.

Ultimately, this initiative serves as a tribute to the contributions of Black Americans in the field of medicine and emphasizes the need to recognize and honor their achievements. It also encourages reflection on the past to gain a deeper appreciation for the present and future advancements in health and wellness.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read