AST Advances Safety Training with VR Innovation

AST integrates VR for immersive safety training, enhancing learning effectiveness globally

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AST specializes in providing comprehensive training courses to companies, focusing on equipping personnel with the necessary skills to operate specific machinery and devices safely. As leaders in occupational safety, AST leverages E-Learning solutions extensively to offer a wide array of certifications and trainings that are practical and immediately applicable in various work environments.

Recognizing the potential of immersive technologies to enhance learning engagement, AST's safety engineer, Matthias Müller, has championed the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) into their training programs. This initiative marks AST as pioneers in digital safety training, particularly by using VR simulators to simulate real-life scenarios for practical training sessions. However, to bridge the gap between practical and theoretical learning experiences, AST sought to enhance their conventional e-learning platforms with interactive VR solutions. This integration aimed to make learning content more tangible and engaging for participants.

AST found VRdirect Studio to be the ideal tool to achieve this goal efficiently and cost-effectively. This platform empowered AST to create VR courses based on existing training materials swiftly, with minimal resources and time investment. For instance, they successfully developed a digital manual on safe handling of earth-moving machinery using VRdirect. This solution allows participants to immerse themselves in interactive learning environments, enhancing their understanding and retention of crucial safety procedures.


Matthias Müller emphasized the ease and speed with which they could transition their course content into VR format using VRdirect. They managed to convert comprehensive 360° visual materials within a single day and streamlined the development of complex qualification certificates with manageable resources. This approach not only optimized efficiency but also ensured the practical applicability of VR in their training curriculum.

By collaborating closely with VRdirect, AST efficiently implemented VR-enhanced training modules into their e-learning platform. This integration supports seamless access and evaluation of training progress for both participants and instructors. Moreover, VRdirect's versatile publishing options enable flexible accessibility across VR devices, smartphones, and web browsers, making the training adaptable for on-location and web-based sessions alike.

Overall, AST's adoption of VRdirect has not only modernized their training methodologies but also reinforced their commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful training solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients effectively.

Rrahul Sethi
June 26, 2024
5 min read