Augmented Reality Enhancing Patient Engagement

Enhanced patient engagement and diagnosis through strategic product research and development

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Creating a Structured Process for New Product Development

With a five-year R&D contract signed with Roche, Nye aimed to expand their solution offerings. As a new startup, they needed improved product research and validation processes, leveraging experience to validate product ideas before construction. Their goal was to deliver value to clients and users while maintaining internal engagement and motivation, fostering a sense of achievement for the team and stakeholders.

Enhancing Patient Engagement Services

Waracle provided Nye with “Product and Design as a Service,” offering various skill sets throughout the engagement. The Waracle team collaborated with senior leadership to advise on product strategy and direction, conducting thorough and compliant research to inform decisions on feature development, delay, or elimination. This research involved identifying patients and stakeholders with very specific, sensitive backgrounds.

A new patient engagement service was created to promote early diagnosis of MCI and dementia. This involved defining a product strategy and structured process for ongoing discovery, supported by a rigorous research and analysis process for quick validation and adoption of new ideas.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read