Augmented Reality Training for DC Generators

Enhancing DC generator training with interactive augmented reality technology

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Key takeaways

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The educational institution engaged TA to develop an immersive training program for learning about DC generators using augmented reality (AR). The goal was to provide interactive and comprehensive learning experiences beyond traditional methods. TA developed an AR application in Unity for learning DC generators. It included a 3D model and multimedia content to enhance engagement and understanding. Vuforia library enabled real hardware detection and plane recognition.


The educational institution aimed to revolutionize learning using AR technology. They sought to enable self-learning and distance learning for trainees studying DC generators. The solution needed to simulate real equipment and offer detailed explanations in an accessible manner.


The main challenges included facilitating self-learning and distance learning without direct instructor supervision. The AR application had to function seamlessly offline, providing detailed visual and auditory explanations in an Indian accent.


TA developed an AR application on Unity compatible with Android tablets. It featured a 3D model of the DC generator based on actual hardware. Vuforia facilitated placing virtual models over real-world equipment for interactive learning experiences. Trainees could interact with the generator, dismantling parts for closer examination with a tap. Audio and textual explanations were provided for each component, enhancing understanding without internet connectivity. A voice assistant guided users through the application, offering comprehensive insights into the generator's workings.


The AR application significantly enhanced the learning process by providing immersive and interactive educational experiences. It addressed challenges such as the inability to showcase real equipment consistently and facilitated self-paced learning with detailed explanations.

Rrahul Sethi
June 27, 2024
5 min read