Avacon Implements VR & AR for Efficient and Safe Training

Avacon uses VR/AR for safe, practical training, reducing travel costs

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The Avacon Group, with approximately 2,100 employees and 190 trainees, stands as one of Germany's largest regional energy service providers. They specialize in regional energy solutions encompassing electricity, gas, water, heating, cooling, telecommunications, mobility, and lighting.

The Challenge: Heavy Programming Effort

Working with electricity is a daily routine at Avacon. However, teaching the necessary skills, especially to young people, poses significant dangers. Practical learning on real objects is crucial but often impractical. While "XR" technologies offer the potential to digitize practical content, creating this content has traditionally demanded extensive programming effort.

VirtuaL Reality Safety Training


To address this, Avacon adopted 3spin Learning's authoring tool, enabling trainees to design their own learning courses with a simple "click," much like using PowerPoint. Trainees can create photo-realistic 360-degree tours of facilities and equipment operation training using VR. AR allows process and safety information to be displayed "on-the-job" in real-world settings.

VirtuaL Reality Safety Training

The Success

Over 200 trainees across six locations have created more than 30 learning courses. These courses prepare them for roles as electronics technicians, covering crucial topics like "Five Safety Rules," "Switching Equipment," and "Escape Routes and Fire Protection." The flexibility of VR and AR training means sessions can be conducted anywhere, anytime, significantly reducing travel costs.

Avacon's implementation of VR and AR technology revolutionizes their training approach, making it safer and more efficient. By utilizing photorealistic VR tours and on-the-job AR support, trainees can effectively learn and apply critical skills, significantly reducing the risks associated with practical training and lowering travel expenses.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read