AXALTA's VR Showcase for Charlotte Training Center

VR app showcases AXALTA's Charlotte training center for client engagement


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AXALTA, upon establishing their primary training center in Charlotte, NC, recognized the need for a compelling digital platform to showcase this distinctive facility. Teaming up with Knowledge Anywhere, the objective was to develop a VR Mobile App that would effectively highlight the training center to clients and facilitate appointment scheduling.

Knowledge Anywhere, AXALTA's e-Learning partner specializing in comprehensive e-learning solutions such as LMS platforms, course development, and LCDS, sought to create a mobile application specifically tailored to showcase AXALTA's new training center. The goal was to offer clients an immersive experience that would convey the unique attributes of the facility and encourage them to visit.

The training center's exceptional features and environment demanded more than traditional 2D images could capture. Virtual Reality emerged as the ideal solution to provide a fully immersive experience that would authentically represent the essence of the facility to AXALTA's clientele. To execute this vision, Virtual Lab (VLAB) organized a team for a 360-degree photo shoot of the entire training center, meticulously capturing high-quality images from every corner, including the entrance and various key areas. These images were seamlessly stitched together to create immersive 360-degree panoramas.

Within the VR Mobile App, these panoramas were interconnected via portals and supplemented with knowledge points. These features allowed users to navigate through different sections of the training center and access additional information in audio, image, and video formats. This approach not only showcased the facility's physical layout but also provided insights into its functionality and offerings. The completed app was made available through app stores for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring accessibility to a wide audience of potential clients. This distribution strategy aimed to maximize engagement and facilitate virtual tours that would encourage prospective clients to experience the training center firsthand.

In summary, the collaboration between AXALTA, Knowledge Anywhere, and Virtual Lab exemplifies leveraging VR technology to enhance digital marketing and client engagement strategies. By providing a compelling virtual experience, AXALTA effectively showcased their new training center and successfully facilitated client interaction and appointment scheduling.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read