Bell Olmsted Park's VR Sales Boost

Virtual Reality tour accelerates sales for Bell Olmsted Park apartments

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Key takeaways

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Bell Olmsted Park, managed by Bell Partners, stands as a sophisticated apartment building in Boston, MA, boasting a prime location. The challenge faced by the Bell Olmsted Park team was to enhance their sales process by providing potential clients with an immersive experience of the building through a Web VR Tour.

Situated in a desirable location with impressive amenities, Bell Olmsted Park required a strategy to attract prospective tenants even before the building's completion. To achieve this, Virtual Lab's 360 Team visited the site and captured comprehensive 360-degree panoramic images of the furnished apartment units and amenities.

Utilizing Unity technology, Virtual Lab's development team transformed these high-quality images into a web-based 360+VR tour. This immersive tour allowed potential clients to virtually explore the building's interior and amenities from the comfort of their own homes.

The implementation of the VR tour yielded remarkable results for Bell Olmsted Park, significantly accelerating their property sales well in advance of the building's completion. Prospective tenants were able to experience and visualize the living spaces and amenities in a realistic and engaging virtual environment.

In summary, Virtual Lab's VR solution effectively met the challenge posed by Bell Olmsted Park, providing a cutting-edge digital tool that enhanced the sales process and boosted client engagement. By leveraging advanced VR technology, Bell Partners successfully showcased the appeal and features of Bell Olmsted Park, ultimately driving faster property sales and establishing a competitive edge in the Boston real estate market.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read