BID Group's AR: Enhancing Customer Service and Efficiency

BID Group enhances service with AR, improving customer experience and efficiency


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Following a significant IIoT transformation, BID sought to enhance their aftermarket services, customer experience, and employee workflow with AR technology. The sawmill industry leader aimed to improve problem resolution speed and communication efficiency, crucial for their customer service operations. Traditional methods like phone calls and emails proved cumbersome, requiring multiple exchanges and leading to longer wait times. Recognizing the importance of visual communication, BID turned to AR for a solution.

BID chose PTC's Vuforia Chalk for its remote assistance and collaboration capabilities. The tool allowed service technicians to provide real-time, accurate instructions to customers, enhancing communication during service calls. Customers could download the Chalk app and connect with BID's service experts, who could then view and annotate the customer's equipment in real time. This visual aid facilitated quicker problem resolution, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction. The ease of use and effectiveness of Chalk made it a valuable addition to BID's customer service operations.

Additionally, Chalk empowered BID's frontline service teams by enabling local technicians to seek guidance from remote experts. This was particularly useful when travel was restricted, as in the case of COVID-19. Local technicians could wear a RealWear headset pre-loaded with Chalk, allowing them to receive hands-free instructions from remote experts. This not only improved problem-solving efficiency but also reduced the need for travel, saving costs and ensuring safety.

Overall, the adoption of AR technology has been transformative for BID's aftermarket service approach. Steven Hofer, BID's Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, highlights the impact of AR on customer satisfaction, noting that it has enabled faster and more accurate fixes, leading to improved equipment performance and longer lifespan. By embracing AR, BID has enhanced their customer service offerings, providing tangible benefits for both their customers and employees.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read