Coca-Cola Family Reunion Trivia Challenge

Connect with family through trivia, share results, and win prizes


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The Coca-Cola Family Reunion Trivia Challenge is an engaging activity designed to bring family members and loved ones closer together. Through a dedicated microsite, participants can choose between two options: "Get challenged" or "Play together."

In this trivia challenge, users answer questions about each other by tilting their heads, gaining a deeper understanding of one another in the process. At the end of the experience, participants can share their results on social media. Additionally, every successful play gives users a chance to win Chinese New Year goodies from Coca-Cola each week. The primary aim of the Coca-Cola Family Reunion Trivia Challenge is to foster connection and togetherness among people during the pandemic. By providing a fun, casual, and gamified experience, Coca-Cola hopes to help families and friends stay connected and engaged.

To begin, users access the microsite via their mobile devices. They are then presented with two options: "Get challenged" or "Play together." Choosing "Get challenged" allows a user to answer questions first and then challenge a loved one by sending the quiz to them through WhatsApp. If users select the "Play together" option, they start by selecting their relationship with their playing partner. Depending on the relationship type, different sets of questions are presented. Players then answer these questions by tilting their heads, making the experience interactive and engaging.

At the end of the trivia challenge, participants receive their scores and have the option to share the results on their social media platforms. This sharing feature not only encourages friendly competition but also provides an opportunity to win prizes from Coca-Cola, enhancing the overall experience. The Coca-Cola Family Reunion Trivia Challenge combines fun and interaction with a touch of competition, helping families and friends reconnect and celebrate their relationships during the festive season.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read